Ask çlεvεr

Hiya! ☺
My name is CleverQueen and on this page you can ask me anything!
I will not reply to anything too personal, but I will reply to what I can ^_^
I am looking forward to lots of questions ;)


  1. hmmmmmmmmmm ok :3
    do you have any pets? :3
    whats your favorite animal?
    do you like glitter? i do O.O

  2. ... hmmmzzz........ Do you draw any cats? What is your favorite food? Do you like to draw animals? What is your favorite color? <-- Wait DUH LOL pink right? y did I even ask that .3. srry i'm kind of foggy... Stayed up 'till 11:00 three nights in a row because 3 ppl died in the hotel I was in. O.o it was in a really creepy Neighborhood, like the kind where someone jumps out of a bush with a knife and takes your money.. *shudders* anyway :D Do you like fried chiken and unicorns and rainbows? XD I know I do... Were you a Beta player on animal jam?

    1. Hallo my dear potato!
      Yes, I do draw cats :D I'm not very good at it though x3
      My favourite food? OMG hard XD I have no idea... My mum's apple pie? XD
      Meep! Drawing animals? Yeah... though I prefer drawing le humans
      No... pink is not my favourite ^_^ I like black and turquoise.
      And woah... you better stay safe then O_O
      Yep, I can't say I don't like unicorns and fried chicken and rainbows :)
      And... nope, I was not a beta player. I know lots about beta, but I wasn't around D:
      I only joined on May 2, 2012 D:

  3. Meepers my fellow pickle!
    I used to have pets DX My first pet was a turtle :3 It was so cool, I had it until about May 2011 when I moved house and couldn't keep it =.=
    He was called Wladzio (short for Wladomir) ...
    I also had 2 hamsters, 1 was Bella, but she passed away :( A few days after Bella died, my other Hamster, Misia, died :*(
    My final and most recent pet was a stray cat called Rose. One day she went missing :(
    I love cats :D I would say they are my favourite animal :3
    Meep! Glitter is really messy but I like it x3

  4. I want to ask you, for Blue Legend, what does it worth if I add Gold Legend to trade the Blue Legend? Plz answer, thx!


    Btw, please buddy me.
    Above is my user.

  5. Meep!
    How do you get the mouse to give out those pink sparkles? :3
    And do you have an email address you can give out? :)

    1. Sorry for the late answer! Well, here is the link
      Sorry can't type out a tutorial right now so click the link for instructions. To change colour, it will say Var colour or something then you will see #. Find out the code for the colour you want and type it after the #. Just search up color code for pink or code for colour green or something. Good luck :) Oh and my email is my Aj one is... well you know x3

  6. My son is 11 and it seems as though someone is using his account to put up bad language. He has been deactivated three times now, usually for a day or two. One of the times he was not even on the computer.

    We had a computer expert look at our computer, found no viruses. Our house uses wifi but encrypted. So my question is, has anyone heard of something like this?

    Appreciate any help.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello ^.^
      I'm sorry if I seem to reply a bit late, I need to keep track of the comments.
      Well, I suspect that your son has been hacked by someone. Sadly, hacking is really common these days... so I suggest using to generate a password and store it in a safe place. Good luck, and I hope you don't encounter any more issues like this.

  7. @Quinn, woah that would be a hard one to answer LOL. Hmmm, any other ways to get rares other than rare Monday theese days?

  8. do u get hyper easily. Just asking

  9. this is me malenock and i just have 1 question. are headdresses really comming out this thanksgiving? -don't forgit to explore my websight leave you user in commant box for a rare to- thx!

  10. Do u like to say hi over and over again I do ^_^

  11. Hello i was wondering if u can get me a girl thanks username is stormistheking thanks

  12. Hi um do you like pink and do you like arctic wolves?? :)

  13. whats your favorite color

  14. can you get a new cursor

  15. hi i just got scammed my rare freedom glove and my spike please send me something plz im sorry for begging. btw i love ur website it awesome. my aj user is mavis1619 please send gifts txs.

  16. What are pink forest walls worth?

  17. Replies
    1. Not much now that the eagle adventure/forgotten desert came out. Maybe a nr headdress or beta walls for a collar and a monthly member gift for a wristband.

    2. Here's the link to my blog. It's kinda new so plz comment suggestions to make it better!

  18. What are open signs worth?

  19. Hai. I was just wondering how to make your blog popular. I just started. The link is: Thanx.

  20. minniemee1234-
    I really want to make another animal jam video on my utube account which isn't a music video but i cant think of what type i should make please help me.
    Also to see what types of videos that i have done my user is jammersisters

  21. Make ur blog popular: advertise it on AJ!

  22. how can iget a headress wthout trading or playing sky high?

  23. its me again but i need a headress can you gift or trade me 1 - year40000

  24. Is a Rare Aviator Hat, Beta Elf Tial Armor, Black Wings, and Black member sword worth a Navy Blue NM Sword?
    -58straps AJ

  25. Hi GlitterQueen! I am new to your really cool blog and so my job is to spread a word about some scammers as much as I can. So I would have posted this on the scammers page, but its not working -.- so Ya here are some scammers and can u add them to the scammers page plz?
    - spanner100: she tells everybody in jamaa that you scammed her black short when in reality, she scammed your items and blames it on you.
    -Buffy1002: She is not technically a scammer, but she blamed on an Arctic Wolf that he scammed her worms when she still had them because she just hid them when recording. Sad,Right?
    -Sashapop900: If I really cared enough about loosing my pink short that day, I wouldn't have trusted her it. I was trying to prove that she does scam because how she has rarer items that my friends and other jammers have got taken by.
    So Ya XD. Have a wonderful Easter guys and you don't have to respond cUz chu cool ��������
    Oh Ya I forgot my username....
    Ok well im pinky522 0.o