Saturday, 26 January 2013

February layout and more

 Hi Jammers!
As you may have noticed, I have not been posting for a long time.Reasons?
Before I actually spread this blog around, I need to update it a bit. New pages:

  • Contests
  •  Trading central
  •  Similiar Blog
  •  Valued Jammers
  • Items
  •  Rumors
  •  Fashion
These pages are soon to come.
And, I have updated this blog to be friendship festival based. Take a look!
Bye Jammers.

Friday, 25 January 2013

I am on epic dens!

Hi Jammers!
Today I went into my den and I got this Jam-a-gram:
I was like OK, then I saw people in my den. I checked the epic dens list and....
Then I got THIS Jam a gram....
If you think you can hide, Nibbler1234, you can't. Your just jealous :P
Bye Jammers!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Rare fancy top hat

Hi Jammers!!!
Today is no day other than Monday, and guess' s rare is a beautifully coloured fancy top hat!
I want one a lot, but didn't have time to get one, I was fulfilling a few requests. If you can, could you send me one please? I will send/trade a gift in return .Also, there is a new post on the daily explorer.
Exciting, right? Also, Jammers come to me for advice. My beat friends both asked me at some point if they can get hacked. Answers:
Not really, here are some tips that can prevent you from being hacked.
  1. Never ever give away your password! Not to your family, siblings, closest friends.This is your account and no one has the right to go on it!  Anyone with your password can do anything to your account, and maybe even give it away!
  2. Lock your account when you are offline. No one knows your parent dashboard email, let alone password. To lock your account,go to parent dashboard, log in and click lock account. To get to your parent dashboard, click parents at the top if the Animal Jam screen.
  3. Have a difficult password. Numbers, letters, symbols. Change your password using the parents dashboard.
New scammer stories (3)
First one was sort if bad. Sorry

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hatapalooza: Rare hat day #2

Hi Jammers!
I have missed out the 18th and 19th  posts, sorry >.< There are days im busy, and no one views this blog- yes? So...what's the point? I always get that feeling, I need to spread my blog around a bit more. Today is the 2nd rare hat day, and the rare is a pink and purple jester hat from February 2012. Booyah! One of my predictions was indeed correct. If you want this hat, buy it from the Mt.Shiveer hat shop, before today ends! 

Credit to Snowyclaw.
And, the elephant shoji screens are back, meaning you can be yet more creative... YAY!!!
I remember when they were still on clearance!!

On the other hand, I need to get to work with my pages... see you!
-CleverQueen (no signature, soz)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Jamaa Journal: Volume 78

Hey Jammers!
Today is update day... and the most exciting update I ever seen in my whole AJ life!!!
..long story.
Did you just see that? When I first saw that I was thinking Tops!!! This issue sounds exciting...
Wait... did you just see that? o.o RARE HATS? WOAAAAAAHHHHH

Not a very exciting page, but the winners are really creative... well done!
I like this one :)  I want to get all  these gemstones, what about you? Expensive, but we have time to do it... and lots of it!
I'm so entering this :D You??? Entering??? Yes you are... I'll make sure of that.
I was wondering... is there a rare hat EACH day? I don't think so, but time will hold the answers... Now, along with the update, are new things to do.  Pictures credit to SNOWYCLAW, once again!!!

As it says, there are hat shops around Jamaa. Here!
This one is in Mt. Shiveer I don't really like it >.<
What the voodoo Justin bieber is this??????? Ugh I hate Justin bieber lol ... anyway, why is a POLICE MAN HAT THERE?
Next stop, Sarepia forest. I like this one more :P
Yay for Leprechaun hats! Aaw shame I already had one... WHO CARES!!!!
 Now, best hat shop is in... Canyons pathway!!!!
Why is this hat shop best? Take a look at the first item...
Wait, WHAT??? Top hats? Weird tonight I had a dream about owning a top hat... weird?
And... I'm thinking what items will come out on these rare days? Ideas...
Most likely to come out
  • Rare phantoms  hat (Leap year 2012)
  • Rare top hat... same origin as before.
  • All leap year hats
  •  A few rare item Monday hats
Items I think should come out
  • Mech Angel helmet
  •  Fox hats-!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Headdress
  •  Head feather
I think Fox hats will, another item with a rare badge.. LOL
So, enjoying this update? It's just not over...
Look at that.... :D Always wanted this.
And nearly finally, look twister ! Way to get gems for these hats and gemstone thingies... 
My kindle is overheating butttttt.....

Just thought I would share this video by hellokitty... What numbers are there??? 
Woah, look out for THESE people.  So... bah bayh...

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New pages!

Guess what, it's me again! So, I have a few ideas for new pages for the blog. I guess I will make this into poll, since the existing poll is coming to an end... be sure to vote! From the votes, it looks like I'm the newest, I think... anyway, page ideas... 
  • Contests! (With prizes... usually epic wonders things and small rates)
  • Trading central
  •  Items
  •  Similar blogs
  •  Valued Jammers
Not so much, but you get my point. This will come out as a new poll... so watch it o.o
¢£€>€® *** &(_)€€[] CleverQueen if you can read it  

Trading rare eyeball hat!

Hey Jammers...
Decided to make a short post on this topic, but I have an unwanted 2011  eyeball hat and I had trouble trading it. It is pink. When I got trades... they were unfair, so I'm going to make a really quick post about it .I would like pink rates for it, particularly one of the rares I lost that went towards my worn blanket back thing. So... pink Fox hat, pink party hat, pink tail armor or pink bubbletron 5000 or any other pink rates, just jam a gram me before the deal. I will then make a decision. What if I don't manage to trade it away? You have until February 25 or the 10th... I will have to decide, but if I still end up with it... I will either do...

  • Keep it... oh well... just save it for Halloween and stuff :D
  •  Give it away in a contest... quite unlikely.
  • Recycle it D:
Not putting a signature at the end of this one, but whatever...

Not spoiling the surprise today!

So, today's new item is something Im quite happy it came out :) It's a .... brown tile! A bit like a member, unrare version of tan carpet, rarest non member flooring (there are 2 as far as I know)
I put it in my winter hangout. Also... Updating pages today... LOOK OUT! So sorry for short post today... I probably will post more today. Wella.... bye!

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ice block

Hey Jammers!
Today's new item is a returning ice block .I remember when they were on clearance,along with the other winter items, back in May, when I joined.First furniture items I ever bought!
I already created a  maze on my storage, look!
Anyway, Im thinking on posting things other than just new items,and I will start soon, don't worry. I always update my pages often, don't worry =3
That's it for NOW, bye!

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Saturday, 12 January 2013


Heya Jammers!
Sorry for not posting yesterday, I have a busy life... very busy... I need to squash some time in for Animal Jam. Today's new item is the sled... yet another addition to my Winter hangout!

Sorry snowyclaw for using your picture, but its just a sled, something anyone can take, but im sorry anyway >.<  Shoutout to unrare, the amazing Jammer who is helping un-rare people! Generous, she/he is...
Well, I have time for this now, contact me on my chat box or animal jam. Tutorials will be posted soon I suppose. Now... new stuff I added!

  • New epic art!
  • 2 new funny pictures!
  • And stuff I forgot...
I need more inventory space!!! Anyway... bye!

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Frozen Bush

Hey Jammers!
Whoa, today's post is extremley late... Anyway, today's new item is a frozen bush, now available in Jam Mart furniture for 200 gems.
Credit to snowyclaw for the picture, I just can't take screenshots anymore... My laptop is breaking down but I'm getting a much better one soon... so I will continue to post daily... but just informing... I  will have to use other people's images, BUT I will always give credit and If you click on the images you get to the person's blog! (Tell me if it doesn't work!) Sorry Snowy, if you want the image removed tell me... Anyway, the frozen bush didn't stay rare so long, I remember they were on clearance when fire pots were... was that September or earlier? Anyway, I added a few pages, more to come!
New teaching on Jamaa Teachings page!

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1st Jamaa Teaching!

Hello Jammers!
I have learnt many things on Animal Jam, which I would like to share, and here is one of them:

Scamming is wrong!
Yes, exactly what everyone knows... SCAMMING IS WRONG! Scammers are like phantoms,
they cause chaos and destruction around Jamaa by ruining Jammers' creativity and fun  by taking away their items! Scammers: How would YOU feel if you had an item you liked to show off your personality then they took it from you by LYING? So, what I have to tell you is... STOP. I have made a page called 'Scamming which I will improve, along with my other pages, and it has ways of scamming and how to prevent them. That way, we will be too smart for their tricks, and they will go down! Ha! Now, some people have scammed before. I haven't, because I knew that scamming was wrong from the start and I knew that if I wanted something, I will have to earn it myself. If you've ever scammed before, it's OK as long as you've changed and apologized. We want Jamaa to be free of scammers, so let's not fall for their tricks! Bye Jammers, If I want to add something to my blog, I will. Check the homepage for news!

All Jamaa Teachings will be posted on the Jamaa Teachings page.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Phantom In ice :D

Heya Jammers! Today's new item is yet another returning winter rare... come on guess! If you haven't read the title you should know... it's a... PHANTOM IN ICE!!! Meanwhile I have added a few pages to the blog: Questions&Answers and Epic Art. You can find them on the top of the blog. Now, explaining yesterday's absence... Busy day yesterday... had a pretty late night, then there was school which was boring XP, then... guess what... I had dance class and then there was no time but that dance class was boring so I quit... Anyway... I had a day off school today, had an early night, had some EPIC dreams... one about being a teen titan but it was Starfire not my idol, Raven. Anyway in that dream I couldn't zap my starbolts >.< And I forgot about flying but anyway I'm getting SO off-topic... Anyway...then I went to hospital then I went back home, planned my news crew article, wrote it, posted it, then I submitted a howl, entered that Liza contest thing, then drew a picture I put on Epic Art and submitted to the art gallery and THEN I finally had time to post... well please note my blog is different to snowyclaw's... mine is not a blog you wake up and view, but I'm in england so In america you should see my posts appear at at least about 10am each It's a blog you read after school, not before school. Anyway...heres todays item!! Usually im too lazy to make a screenshot because my laptop is so slow but at least I managed it this time... meanwhile... update!! Changed background and blog font... If anyone reads this blog! And made my signature smaller... Create your own banner at!
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Monday, 7 January 2013

I managed to make a Banner!

Hey Jammers! I managed to make a banner and I added it to all my blog posts :) Here it is: Create your own banner at!
It's not so bad, but it is my first ever banner so dont be mean... please??? Anyway, bye!

Rare Knitted hat and Pages to the blog?

Hey guys! You know what day it is? Monday! And you know what happens on Monday? Rare item monday! So... today's rare item is the rare knitted hat. Sweet! It's... winter fever! You know why I put the rare knitted hat next to the actual version? Because, first, they are next to each other! Cool! Second, let's compare them. So, the normal version is 250 gems, and the rare version is 750 meaning that the rare version is 500 gems more expensive than the normal version! And well, nothing more really. Another thing I would like to talk about is pages to the blog? You need to give me a few ideas! Have any? Put them in comments! Last night I did many updates to the blog, and today you can get to Animal Jam directly from the blog! You can also see my newest Animal. That's alll for today now, Anyone know how to create a banner? See you now! Create your own banner at!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

I am back-you heard me, I am back! :D

Hello Jammers! I would like to say, I'm back! Hmm, I don't know where to start... maybe Ill just explain my whole Animal Jam story. Okay... ready? Ready! Let's begin! This whole story starts in April 2012... my sister got introduced to Animal Jam by her best friend. I seen her play alright, I kind of enjoyed it but I still didn't join- I was interested in studying then :). I got interested in make-up later and then in late April I made an Animal Jam account with my sister... I named it InteligentQueen (One L, I know that XD)It was a white koala. Why did I join Animal Jam? Variety. So much to do. Creativity! Few days later, on May 2nd, I made a new account, called the famous CleverQueen! XD I had some fun, played Animal Jam like a regular virtual world, did some role play. I had a virtual mom and liked role playing and being creative and, exploring... and learning new things XD! Okay, then later I really wanted some Non member bat wings. Why? I liked them and I was a non member so I really wanted them to express my style! Then I saw 4 people with them in the hot cocoa hut, one had 4 of them, I think it was hihihihi1234 or something I don't exactly remember but she had 4 non member bat wings and when I said what for the wings she said nothing you have noob. So I moved on. On June 15 I got a membership. I loved looking through the membership benefits and each day I went online I had so much more fun... why? I could do more! Now at that time I was obsessed with Tropical island survivals, studying, make-up and the like. I loved Summer! So, I decided to just HAVE FUN. I discovered more about rare items later on, now June was when my life changed in a bad way... heh personal stuff... it's gone much better now! In the summer holidays I liked trading. I was so obsessed with trading I stopped going outside with my neighbours. I stayed up until like 4am and always slept through half the day. That's when I got most of my rares. In the Summer. I got tail armors, fox hats, bow and arrows, spiked wristband, and so much more. I trade trade trade XD Then one day someone traded me a silver non member bow for my white tail armor. I accepted. I traded that very silver bow and arrows for pink. Then it started! My favourite colour was now... pink. So, I just had fun. I cared much more about rares and got depressed if one went missing. So in about Autumn I loved Animal Jam a lot. And Winter. In early November, the 3rd to be exact, I got a Pink Worn blanket... thats why I started this blog... because I was rare. Woah... I changed dramatically and was so obsessed with Animal Jam... read my first blog here On the 9th of November my worn blanket got scammed... now on that day I was making a post about Jamaa Journal and playing Animal Jam at the same time. Then my worn blanket got scammed. Stupid me! I cried myself out and well... it was hard. Luckily, I calmed down later on and found new interests... all was well... right? I went back on Animal Jam and well... the moral is... ANIMAL JAM IS NOT ALL ABOUT RARES IT IS ABOUT HAVING FUN, LEARNING NEW THINGS AND BEING CREATIVE! <3 So... I am back and will be posting on this blog! Starting from today, or maybe tomorrow. Bye Bye Jammers and thank you for supporting any blogs I ever made. Bye! :) Also I will post the post I was working on the day my worn blanket got scammed...Also I'm not sure about my favourite colour because navy and black have been added to the list! Create your own banner at!