Sunday, 6 January 2013

I am back-you heard me, I am back! :D

Hello Jammers! I would like to say, I'm back! Hmm, I don't know where to start... maybe Ill just explain my whole Animal Jam story. Okay... ready? Ready! Let's begin! This whole story starts in April 2012... my sister got introduced to Animal Jam by her best friend. I seen her play alright, I kind of enjoyed it but I still didn't join- I was interested in studying then :). I got interested in make-up later and then in late April I made an Animal Jam account with my sister... I named it InteligentQueen (One L, I know that XD)It was a white koala. Why did I join Animal Jam? Variety. So much to do. Creativity! Few days later, on May 2nd, I made a new account, called the famous CleverQueen! XD I had some fun, played Animal Jam like a regular virtual world, did some role play. I had a virtual mom and liked role playing and being creative and, exploring... and learning new things XD! Okay, then later I really wanted some Non member bat wings. Why? I liked them and I was a non member so I really wanted them to express my style! Then I saw 4 people with them in the hot cocoa hut, one had 4 of them, I think it was hihihihi1234 or something I don't exactly remember but she had 4 non member bat wings and when I said what for the wings she said nothing you have noob. So I moved on. On June 15 I got a membership. I loved looking through the membership benefits and each day I went online I had so much more fun... why? I could do more! Now at that time I was obsessed with Tropical island survivals, studying, make-up and the like. I loved Summer! So, I decided to just HAVE FUN. I discovered more about rare items later on, now June was when my life changed in a bad way... heh personal stuff... it's gone much better now! In the summer holidays I liked trading. I was so obsessed with trading I stopped going outside with my neighbours. I stayed up until like 4am and always slept through half the day. That's when I got most of my rares. In the Summer. I got tail armors, fox hats, bow and arrows, spiked wristband, and so much more. I trade trade trade XD Then one day someone traded me a silver non member bow for my white tail armor. I accepted. I traded that very silver bow and arrows for pink. Then it started! My favourite colour was now... pink. So, I just had fun. I cared much more about rares and got depressed if one went missing. So in about Autumn I loved Animal Jam a lot. And Winter. In early November, the 3rd to be exact, I got a Pink Worn blanket... thats why I started this blog... because I was rare. Woah... I changed dramatically and was so obsessed with Animal Jam... read my first blog here On the 9th of November my worn blanket got scammed... now on that day I was making a post about Jamaa Journal and playing Animal Jam at the same time. Then my worn blanket got scammed. Stupid me! I cried myself out and well... it was hard. Luckily, I calmed down later on and found new interests... all was well... right? I went back on Animal Jam and well... the moral is... ANIMAL JAM IS NOT ALL ABOUT RARES IT IS ABOUT HAVING FUN, LEARNING NEW THINGS AND BEING CREATIVE! <3 So... I am back and will be posting on this blog! Starting from today, or maybe tomorrow. Bye Bye Jammers and thank you for supporting any blogs I ever made. Bye! :) Also I will post the post I was working on the day my worn blanket got scammed...Also I'm not sure about my favourite colour because navy and black have been added to the list! Create your own banner at!


  1. aww im so happy i hope u get a new one soon. and ur very right :).

  2. Why is this arrow of clicky thingy so COOL