Thursday, 10 January 2013

1st Jamaa Teaching!

Hello Jammers!
I have learnt many things on Animal Jam, which I would like to share, and here is one of them:

Scamming is wrong!
Yes, exactly what everyone knows... SCAMMING IS WRONG! Scammers are like phantoms,
they cause chaos and destruction around Jamaa by ruining Jammers' creativity and fun  by taking away their items! Scammers: How would YOU feel if you had an item you liked to show off your personality then they took it from you by LYING? So, what I have to tell you is... STOP. I have made a page called 'Scamming which I will improve, along with my other pages, and it has ways of scamming and how to prevent them. That way, we will be too smart for their tricks, and they will go down! Ha! Now, some people have scammed before. I haven't, because I knew that scamming was wrong from the start and I knew that if I wanted something, I will have to earn it myself. If you've ever scammed before, it's OK as long as you've changed and apologized. We want Jamaa to be free of scammers, so let's not fall for their tricks! Bye Jammers, If I want to add something to my blog, I will. Check the homepage for news!

All Jamaa Teachings will be posted on the Jamaa Teachings page.

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