Monday, 7 January 2013

Rare Knitted hat and Pages to the blog?

Hey guys! You know what day it is? Monday! And you know what happens on Monday? Rare item monday! So... today's rare item is the rare knitted hat. Sweet! It's... winter fever! You know why I put the rare knitted hat next to the actual version? Because, first, they are next to each other! Cool! Second, let's compare them. So, the normal version is 250 gems, and the rare version is 750 meaning that the rare version is 500 gems more expensive than the normal version! And well, nothing more really. Another thing I would like to talk about is pages to the blog? You need to give me a few ideas! Have any? Put them in comments! Last night I did many updates to the blog, and today you can get to Animal Jam directly from the blog! You can also see my newest Animal. That's alll for today now, Anyone know how to create a banner? See you now! Create your own banner at!

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