Thursday, 10 January 2013

Frozen Bush

Hey Jammers!
Whoa, today's post is extremley late... Anyway, today's new item is a frozen bush, now available in Jam Mart furniture for 200 gems.
Credit to snowyclaw for the picture, I just can't take screenshots anymore... My laptop is breaking down but I'm getting a much better one soon... so I will continue to post daily... but just informing... I  will have to use other people's images, BUT I will always give credit and If you click on the images you get to the person's blog! (Tell me if it doesn't work!) Sorry Snowy, if you want the image removed tell me... Anyway, the frozen bush didn't stay rare so long, I remember they were on clearance when fire pots were... was that September or earlier? Anyway, I added a few pages, more to come!
New teaching on Jamaa Teachings page!

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