Saturday, 27 April 2013


Hey Jammers!
Sorry for the late post, I went to sleep late last night and I had to resist Animal Jam for a few hours AND I had to tidy my room, AND I had to study DX
Anyhoo, Before we get to the new item, let's talk about bullying. On Animal Jam, it's not very serious, but in real life, it can get out of hand.
Let's take Amanda Todd for example, she killed herself because of  the abnormal amount of bullying she had to take in. If you want to find out more, watch the video below, but it can be disturbing for some people.
Now another example is Aimee from a series I am currently reading on Flipnote Hatena, Love Hate You Me. Aimee kills herself by a drug overdose because she was bullied for being a lesbian.
How sad is that?
 Now let's move on to me. There is this guy in my school, Hammad, and I have no idea why he is doing this. It started out as a basic game of 'It' where I chased him, which he clearly wanted (though because he is very tall and fast, I failed nearly every time) for fun, but now he has 50% of 6 year olds under his control, and where ever I go, he and his army will not let me live in peace. They would push me, and Hammad will tell them to kill me... XD Yesterday he told me to kill myself, I asked him why, he just told me I have to. Then he said I'm a freshie... and I was just laughing.
It turns out he doesn't understand what he is saying. He is new to this country and has learning difficulties, so I don't blame him... but really? Telling me to kill myself?
Heh I love that word ...
OK, on to the new item, thought I would forget?
Credit to: MisterChunkyBuddy
Umm I mean the idea of Gifs
A few glitches

Probably just my computer >.<

Friday, 26 April 2013


Hi Jammers!
Thank you so much for buddying me, Kinyonga o.o
Anyway, I'm really stressed DX
I'm going to sit my year 6 KS2 SATs soon :(
I'm really scared!
Especially of teacher assesment (gulp)
Any tips?
Bye! I'm going candy shopping :D

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Thank you so much silentflight!

Thank you so much!
When I read your comments I nearly cried because I was so happy... thank you! I will certainly add you and Im going to get some small rare from storage ( Just wait a few months) Again..  THANKS!!!

If anyone is reading this... should I continue to cut myself? Its not serious, but I feel like stopping.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Interesting item :)

Hi Jammers!
I am glad that I am earning more comments, views on youtube,subscribers, friends and more!
Today's item is...
Tetherball! Interesting!
What should I make a rarity scan on? Comment! :D

Friday, 19 April 2013

Gazelle Horns

Gazelle horns are popular and rare items that stayed in Jamaa through beta. Depending on the colour, these are hard to get.
In order of rarity from least to most: Purple, black,red, pink.
Popularity: Black, red, pink,purple.
Now I would say they are worth...
Purple: A long spiked collar or 2/3 very high quality member den rares, 3 rare worn colours.
Black: Two long spiked collars, 2 open signs, Beta arctic hood and green mask.
Red: Founders hat or Tan carpet and 3 rhinos.
Pink: Founders, tan carpet and 2 mech helmets.
Please note this is my opinion...

If you own a headdress and you want to trade it, here is what to do!
Make sure it is on trade. Stay in a crowded place and make sure everyone can click on your name tag.
Then say ''If you want a (Insert color here) headdress my den!''
Say this about 5 times. On the 5th time, add LAST CALLING!
Come to your den. Make sure it is easy to find everyone, so go for small houses, lost ruins (underwater), mushroom huts and water parks. Don't go for fantasy castles, enchanted hollows and such.
Get an idea of what everyone wishes to trade. Warm up by saying: Everyone please make a trade.
After that, if you liked a trade and thought it was fair, say (insert username or Animal name here) I liked your trade. Can you please do it again?
Or you can go on to round two: inform your guests: Please fill your trade list with items you would like to trade for my headdress.
After they done that, examine their trade lists. You can ask each of them how many items you can pick, or set a rule for yourself, for example tell everyone you will pick (insert item number, 1-4) items.
Do not expect too much from them. They will not like it, and trading is all about trading fair!
Do not expect too little, if you ask for a sturdy table or a necklace that you can get at any time because you feel generous, many people regret sending great rares and accepting unfair trades, and it can cause fights. So if  you are sure, go ahead.
Here is what a headdress is roughly worth:

  • A lava glove and bongo drums 
  • Fox hat,blue mat and non member glove.
  • 3 rare bows and arrows
  • Small table
  • 2 or 3 tail armours
  • 4 head feathers

Colours: Cream and red,White and orange, Green and black, White and green, white and blue, pink and purple, light pink, green and purple.

Popularity from most to least: Blue, green and black, orange,cream, green and white,green and purple,dark pink, light pink.

Available: November 2010 and 2011
Cost:About 200 gems
The headdress was very popular in summer 2012, and still is today. Hard to obtain, these will continue growing in rarity and demand.


I am so sorry!

I haven't posted  in ages! Sorry!  Here is why:
Daily routine:
7:00am: Wake up
8:15am: Leave for school
8:50-3:30pm= School
4:30pm: Dinner
4:15/5:00pm: Start studying
6:30pm: Finish studying
6:45pm-7:45pm: One hour on Animal Jam
8:00pm: Supper
9:00pm: Bed
9:00pm-3:00am: Staying up late.

And this week at school...
Tuesday: Maths and reading test.
Wednesday: Maths and long writing test.
Thursday: Short writing, spelling and science test
Friday: Mental maths test and science test.

I am really tired... but I will post all night.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Grab some popcorn, I got a story.
So two people wanted my mechanic angel helmet. They offered pretty good, and I didnt want to upset anyone. So, I traded my art easel,fire pit,fish fountain and bubblegum machine for a mech Angel helmet... another one.Why? I wanted both traders to be happy. So I got my first offer: 2 pairs of freedom wings,ajhq plaque and a silver legend. The second was a green tiara with blue gem, pale green old blanket, long pink wristband and basket of candy. I was happy both traders were enjoying their helmets, I traded legend for a howl plaque, and then logged out.
Yes, I traded my signature items. My best ones. I miss them all :'(
Here is all I have now:

  • AJHQ plaque
  • Howl plaque
  • 2 pairs of freedom wings
  • Beta tiara
  • Beta blanket
  • Wristband ( I like it though!!)
  • Basket of candy which I like a bit
How will I get my signature items back with that? :(
You may be like... they are just pixels!
Yes,I know they are...but they were what reflected my personality.
Here is what I want back...
Pink helmet, art easel,fire pit,fountain,bubblegum machine.
Goodbye items :( If you traded me,keep your items if you want.I got them so you could be happy :(
I miss you so much items,RIP xxx
Oh and if you will trade me dont make me overtrade I beg you! I want to have enough items to get everything back.
Goodbye! Im so sad, I was so happy when I had them :(

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Just thought you would like to see this um... EPIC FAIL XD
Yeah O_O

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Thank you so.. much! I'm happy now!

I went on my secondary school's website and found this snippet of information regarding ability bands:
First of all, on commencing Year 7 at (School's name), classes are not 'banded'. However, pupils are placed in 'sets' for Maths, Science, Modern foreign languages and, in year 8, English.
These sets are based on KS2 SATs results  in the first instance but reviewed by the school's own assessment procedures, in individual subjects, early on in year 7. Movement between sets in anticipated.
The purpose of the tests in November of year 6 is simply to assist the school in having a 'balanced ability intake'. The tests are not used to create bands. Once the admissions process is concluded the results of the test are no longer of any consequence. 

Thank you so much! The SATs are in May and I'm studying hard, though I'm a bit scared of the questions- might be hard O_O
Well, all I have to do now is study hard! Thank you so much!!! Now I can sleep O.o