Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Thank you so.. much! I'm happy now!

I went on my secondary school's website and found this snippet of information regarding ability bands:
First of all, on commencing Year 7 at (School's name), classes are not 'banded'. However, pupils are placed in 'sets' for Maths, Science, Modern foreign languages and, in year 8, English.
These sets are based on KS2 SATs results  in the first instance but reviewed by the school's own assessment procedures, in individual subjects, early on in year 7. Movement between sets in anticipated.
The purpose of the tests in November of year 6 is simply to assist the school in having a 'balanced ability intake'. The tests are not used to create bands. Once the admissions process is concluded the results of the test are no longer of any consequence. 

Thank you so much! The SATs are in May and I'm studying hard, though I'm a bit scared of the questions- might be hard O_O
Well, all I have to do now is study hard! Thank you so much!!! Now I can sleep O.o

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