Hello, Jammers!
This page will have loads of Animal Jam based things you can do at home, or on AJ. If you have any, comment and I will give each entry... a prize! These are the ones so far:

How to Join Animal Jam!
Have you read the blog and thought that Animal Jam sounds fun? Here are instructions to create an account!
Step 1: In your search bar, type in www.animaljam.com or get there by clicking here (should open in a new window)
Step 2: Now, click Play now! 
Step 3: Now, this screen should show up. Click create an animal now to get started! on the left.
Step 4: Great! Now pick an Animal you would like to play with.
(From top left to bottom right: Tiger,Wolf,Koala,Panda,Bunny,Seal,Penguin,Monkey) Seals and penguins can go underwater and on land!
After you chose your Animal, click next. 
Step 5: Choose your Animal Jam animal name.
Step 6: Nearly there!Enter your gender,age birthday, username and password.
Step 7: Now, all you need to do is type your email address and agree to the AJ code of conduct. The email will enable you to:
  • Change your password
  • Access your parent dashboard
  • Change your chat option
  • Manage your account
Congratulations! You now have an animal jam account.


  1. Tutorial on progress. 1/23/2013

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  4. I think this is a very helpfull blog thankyou for making it :D

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  7. I have a tutorial :D
    How to not get scammed.
    Step 1.) Don't be an idiot
    Lol jk jk

    Okay, this tutorial is REALLY on choosing an unguessable password
    Step one- pick the first letter of a family member's name,
    Step Two- the first letter of your pet's name (or your favorite animal)
    Step three- put in your year of birth
    Step four- the first letter of your favorite color.
    You should get something like this
    I wasn't really born in 1893, I just didn't want to put my real year of birth because this is the internet, also, my favorite color is seafoam green and the letters are random, to preserve personal information. :D

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  10. do you have to pay to be a member? if yes then why

  11. because then everyone would be a member and have access to EVERYTHING!