Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Random paradise party item!!!

Sorry for the late post, I had primary practice and had to update my flash player.
Looks like Snowyclaw hasn't posted yet, so here are today's deatails.
Sweet item today, the .... wait! Nothing?
No, I think it's at the paradise party!!!!
Well, I can't get a picture, you have to see for yourself!
I assume it's a paradise couch =3
Well, see ya!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Why was I born


Paradise banner

Today's item is a quite pretty paradise banner, sold at the paradise party.

I don't think I will buy it, I'm not into banners.
I noticed there are channels on the underwater TV!
They are quite interesting, here is one:

I found a beta player, which means someone that played in beta.
My new beta times page will be updated. Don't forget there is a new trade request in trading central!
The epic seasonal trees are blooming- I better buy another one!
Therefore, I need to redecorate most my dens- make a spring den, meaning recyclnig, buying and earning :O
Bai -.- Im sad, don't ask.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

For those who are bored #1

Hi! :) :) :) :) :) :)
Are you bored?
Here is something I found very fun :D


Plushie collecting.

I made a storage account and I started collecting, I still am! It's fun =D
I suggest you do as well, IT IS SO MUCH FUN!
Find a claw machine and ... good luck :)

Items I missed

Hi again!
  First off,   there is a new trading request at trading central. Ugh my kindle fire
deletes every word I type!
Here are  items I missed   for the past few days.
This is today's item. Welcome to Jamaa human TV! Ok, I like modern stuff :D 
Well, most of it. I will buy it to see if there are any channels :D How will this work if it is underwater? But, referring to the price, it might have some channels.
 Another item! I think this would be better off on land, meh. I love summer! :*D 
Oh, good memories.

Paradise party :) Looks like a blue mat, way better than the mats you can buy.

Meep! Cool item :3 
All pictures credit to Snowyclaw, Im on my KF!
Look out for posts!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

I gave away my storage!

I gave away my storage, CleverQueen1 last week.
If you see the account wandering around, IT IS NOT ME!

Friday, 22 February 2013

The adventures of... my white head feather =3

I don't know where my white head feather came from, but today I was offered a grey skull helmet with black eyes. So, I accepted. I later looked for one of those pink ones with purply eyes. I never saw one, but then I actually did! Plus, they guy was wearing black, so I traded him my skull helmet. HE ACCEPTED =3
Yah =3 So, that's the adventures of my white head feather :3

Bai =3

For those who think fox hats are SUPER RARE

Here is a post I found on snowyclaw's blog:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rare Fox Hat Monday

AJHQ has updated Animal Jam with today's rare, the Fox Hat!
It is also posted on AJHQ's Daily Explorer.
Be sure to collect all the colors before the day ends!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My friends are worth more than all the rares in Animal Jam.

Haven't posted in...ages =3
Anyway, did you know I started a mailtime? Every gift is amazing, thank you!
If the gift is not pink or something I already have, I recycle it :)
But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it, it just takes up some space =3
Anyway, the title says something.
Yes, my friends are worth more than rares! Here is proof:
I accepted my friend's tail armor and lava glove for my fish fountain.
Would you?
I mean, the fountain was sold in beta (I think) and most of you would be like NO WAY!
But I said yes.
Her friend sent her one for christmas, and she traded it, so I accepted a downtrade :)
Here's more proof= The same friend sent me an orange gecko for mailtime!
Would you?
And yet more= We would NEVER scam eachother. I said that I will send her golden wings when she sends for mailtime, and I did!
I even gave her back stuff I managed to accept from flashing. (Lava glove, rare witch hat etc)
See? And I recycled my diamond on display, epic seasonal tree and dessert table for the wings!

That shows I care for her! And I care for everyone, as long as they are nice!
That's it, I will probably post more today =3


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cowboy boots!

Today's item goes well with the cowboy hat, and it's new!
Say hello to the cowboy boots, for 400 gems! Can be bought at Jam-mart clothing!

They look really cool, but on some animals... eh....
That's it for now, check out the large collection of posts I made yesterday!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Suicide T^T

So, In this post I will discuss suicide. What is suicide?
Suicide is, when someone gives up their life and kills themselves. How sad is that?
Very sad. For example Amanda Todd, but  if I was her I would have committed suicide.
So, let's talk about it.

Mainly teenagers commit suicide. It can be because of depression,sadness etc.
If someone is bullied no matter where they move, they may commit suicide. There are many reasons. I, myself, had sometimes had thoughts about ending my life. But then I thought:
I have Friends,family,a house to live in. I have a whole future ahead of me.
Anything can be solved. 
If you have suicidal thoughts or worries, please talk to me.


Rare people story #1... I scammed.

Usually all these beta players with all those popular rares have conflicts, sad stories and trouble with friends and rares. So I will tell one, in the eyes of a new rare person called... XxOpalEyesXx (FAKE)
There is no such thing as OpalEyes. She is known as Opal by the way.
I have scammed
I will have to tell you... I scammed. Yes, that's right, I did.
It wasn't long ago, in fact it was very recent.
A week ago. I had all the worn blankets; red,brown,blue,pink,cream,black,green and leap year. Can you tell what is missing? Yes ........ wait for it. (highlinght the gap) dark purple. I have been trying to get it for months. Sky high only got me round glasses and once a freedom helmet, so I gave up.
Everyone wanted my founder's or non member sword, but no, I can't.
I decided to scam one night. I knew someone called RegretIsHate who had a purple worn blanket, not leap year.
I never scammed before, but I was just so desperate for a worn blanket.
So I invited her to my den.
She came over with someone called CleverQueen. I told Clever to leave. She did... well I thought she did.
So, thinking she left, I carried on with the scam.
I said what for worn first. She replied with founders. I was like: UGH, GREEDY PIG. Are pigs actually greedy? 
I said : OK.
Then I realized what I shall do.
I told her that if she sends me her worn, I will send her a founder. She said I will scam her, and I said : WAIT. So she did "What is it?" she said. I replied: Do you want the founder or not? Look ,my computer doesn't work for trading, it lags too much and it's broken''
She hesitated,then said: OK.
I said ''Yes!'' behind my screen.
So she sent me her worn.
I said: ''Haha, I tricked you. Here's your founders!'' I said, and I sent her a necklace.
Then Clever came out of the corner. 
If you don't want to be on my blog, send her the founder's
She said.
I was scared, I worked hard for my rares and I'm a member. I don't want to be reported.
Besides, Clever could be a storage of firetigerx.
So I sent Clever a small table and pink gazelles and left. I told her she could keep them as long as she didn't post me on her site.
She did, so the next day I quit and sent Clever all my stuff. I don't feel regret, the greedy pig deserved it all. So I sent Clever all my rares... so she could remove the post.

Haha, I wish XD 
I put myself in x3
I wish I had Pink gazelles o.o
Not too much :P
I got traded for my small table, but it was fair, so I now have a cookie table.

My friend scammed...

I had to delete two of my closest friends, who were actually the same person, and it caused me a lot of pain. Why?
They scammed.
I am not friends with scammers.
Guess who I was friends with?
Alajjik (Did I get it right?) and Unrare.
When I realised that both were the same person and scammers (thank you firetigerx)
I deleted him. My friend Shahad (and numbers after it) told me they scammed. At first I thought it was a trick to stop my friendship, so I ignored her back then.
But when I found out the truth, I deleted them.
So that' how he got so rare.
But one day all those rares were gone... could he have stopped? Did he regret it all?
i don't feel regret... I'm sorry.

For me, there is no such thing as regret.

Trading advice: Legendary glove

Hi Jammers!
If you own a legendary glove and you want to trade it, here is what to do!
Make sure it is on trade. Stay in a crowded place and make sure everyone can click on your name tag.
Then say ''If you want a (Insert color here) Legendary glove my den!''
Say this about 5 times. On the 5th time, add LAST CALLING!
Come to your den. Make sure it is easy to find everyone, so go for small houses, lost ruins (underwater), mushroom huts and water parks. Don't go for fantasy castles, enchanted hollows and such.
Get an idea of what everyone wishes to trade. Warm up by saying: Everyone please make a trade.
After that, if you liked a trade and thought it was fair, say (insert username or Animal name here) I liked your trade. Can you please do it again?
Or you can go on to round two: inform your guests: Please fill your trade list with items you would like to trade for my Legendary glove.
After they done that, examine their trade lists. You can ask each of them how many items you can pick, or set a rule for yourself, for example tell everyone you will pick (insert item number, 1-4) items.
Do not expect too much from them. They will not like it, and trading is all about trading fair!
Do not expect too little, if you ask for a sturdy table or a necklace that you can get at any time because you feel generous, many people regret sending great rares and accepting unfair trades, and it can cause fights. So if  you are sure, go ahead.
Here is what a Legendary glove is roughly worth:
2 rare non member den items: For example a small table and blue mat, rocking horse and cami's frog, you get the idea. Sometimes a legendary glove will only be worth one 'popular' rare den item.
4 tiny non member den items: For example; teacup,painted pot,cat banner and basketball, sometimes 3 tiny non member den items.
A small member den rare: For example; a paw print vase, rose bush, maybe fountain or bubblegum machine.
Rare bow and arrows and one or two small rares, pigtails (if the person who is trading the legendary glove adds items) computer and/or tv (the wooden ones) or a freedom helmet.
Here is a legendary glove factfile:

Legendary Glove
Colors: Scarlet,Cream,Emerald,Turquoise, Lilac, Fuchsia,Silver,Black.
Popularity from most to least: Black, Red,Silver,Blue,Cream,Green, Purple,Pink. (Most common opinion)
Available: July 2011 as a monthly member gift.
Cost: Free.
The Legendary glove is the most popular member glove. It has been given to club members (it has been said everyone got a member glove) in July 2011, and it's popularity,demand and rarity has always been growing. A golden version of member gloves was received by club members in June 2012. There are 8 unique colors, and no-one really calls them legendary gloves anymore.
Slang: Legend.

Next trading advice: Have you got a Headdress? Well, if you consider trading it, check back ... coming sooner than you think.


Hi Jammers!
If you want to keep your account safe, read this!
Please spread this around.
There is a site, click here to see it. DONT SIGN UP!
It is an obvious hack ,my random head feather from a storage I had was gone.
Watch out!

I met caseytiger19 >:|

Caseytiger19... who is she/he?
When I was rare obsessed in November, I kept flashing people my worn... to show off.
I flashed caseytiger19 for her giant trapped phantom.
It got stuck, so she accepted.
I told her to give it back, she just ran away.
It is considered scamming if you don't give items back when you flash.
She doesn't know what she did.
Then I saw her on firetigerx's blog... here's a snippet:
supkelsey614 (member) and maybe CaseyTiger19 (member) - this person was offering a Snow Leopard Code if you sent them a rare. Should be an obvious scam since he tried this scam on December 9th as well. Claimed he gave someone named CaseyTiger19 a Lion Code but it turns out they were friends and I bet they were trying to scam together.

See? I am not letting her near my best friend. No one. She to me a bit too.

Rare item Monday :|

Today is Monday again...and guess what. Rare item monday :|
Today's rare is a firefighter helmet... PURPLE AGAIN >0<
And... I mean AJ just puts on different colors on an item and they call it 'Rare'
And, today I would like to discuss something unsafe for your account.
There is a site called free animal jam gifts.
IT is a hack. So stay away :P
Short post, but bai!#

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hat and curly wig...?

What is this.... item mix-up?
Hat and curly wigs again? This early? It's not even late February yet!
Suppose it's curly wigs next.
Otherwise, that wouldn't make sense o_o

LOL on the edit menu it looks like this face: o_o is blushing because it's not a word in the dictionary. x3
Bye -3-

Friday, 15 February 2013

I dont NEED a mech Angel helmet.

I have always wanted a pink mech angel helmet. Always my dream item.
I finally got one... but now its gone.
I dont need it, I can always replace it with...
Too many feathers? No fear,head feather is on the way!
 Not enough feathers? Headdress is always here! Targeting pink and purple headdress,will trade pink lava glove or viking hat.
 These look like a headdress, mech angel  helmet and tiki mask combined.
For just the helmet.
There are other replacements. Just be creative :)

Happy Friday!

Because I missed so many posts, and I got 1000 views, I will just do what I will be doing to celebrate my 1,000 views.
First of all, thank you if you ever read or viewed my blog and are reading this. If so, send me a jam-a-gram so I know who you are, and so I can give you a shout-out!
I will send everyone who sent me a Jam-a-gram a Jam-a-gram back, with words of thanks.
I don't think I'm ready for a party, I will have to attend one to get some idea.
Anyway, here are all friendship items for this year's friendship festival celebrations.
Jam-mart clothing:
 Heart balloons, heart antennae headband, heart glasses, heart lockets.
In Jam-mart furniture:  Heart chocolates, rose bouquet.
In Shiverr Shoppe:  Heart cape, heart earmuffs.
In Bahari Bargains: 
In Sunken Treasures: 
Friendship party:
Shop on!
And... today's new item:
 Woah. We gonna get mad people =3=
Bai! :3

Paradise, paradise,paradise!

Hi y'all!
Paradise! We're in Paradise!
This update is kind of ... awkward.
Snowyclaw,I took your pictures for this post. Sorry!
First, let's go on to the new items of the day.

Looks like heart glasses have made a return, yay or nay?

These too! These are both the clothing items I have been waiting most for. What about you?

Birds of Paradise are beautiful. I am happy they came to Jamaa! Welcome, birdies of le Paradize!

 Sort of hard to find. You will notice Paradise parties and friendship parties are next to each other and are both really common. Visit them both before the friendship party goes and the paradise party is less common!

We were correct. Indeed, the pet tigers are the monthly member gift for february... (sigh)

Yep, just about to get Pink Treasure! Did you watch the NG video? I did, it's great! NG is 25 years older than my school.

Wow! So exciting! I hope it's a cool,funky looking hat. I will check out the winners! ^o^
That's not it yet....
 Calendar..... And double gems. Isn't that banner new?
Well, that's it! Bye!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Rare knight armor

Hiya again!
Today's rare is to match last week's... rare knight armor!
Buy your own at Jam-mart clothing, first page.
They need to stop with the prices.
Well, I have time for only this. Bye

Anyone interested in a purple lava glove?

Anyone interested in a Purple Lava glove?
I have an unwanted one.
I will trade it for pink skull helmet with purple eyes and a small rare (teacup?). If you will do this trade, jam-a-gram me with 'lava'. PLEASE SOMEONE!
Oh yeah, I also have an unwanted gingerbread treehouse. Will trade for cookie table and peppermint pathway. ^.^

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I have a life

Hi again.
I have a life. Believe it or not. I am not an Animal Jam freak. I live. I have a heart,skin and eyes. I have a brain.
To prove it, here is more about me:
I enjoy writing: Plays, poems and stories. I written many good stories and got good feedback. I am writing a play called Some things are not worth discovering.
I enjoy reading: At the moment I am reading Anne of Green Gables (in Polish) I really love reading.
I enjoy Art: I am great at art, and I enjoy it.
I enjoy much more.
Now more about me:
I am dark and I can't be happy. I am usually sad, there's a bad side to everything. I am always worried and crying is easy. I am mysterious and also sarcastic, but can laugh and be happy sometimes.
Well, bye.
-Sigh- Life should get better...

Can someone help me :(

Well, I really need help.
This is not to do with Animal Jam.
So, back in October I did a secondary school exam.
It was one of the Animal Jam obsession months for me.
I remember I probably made 1 or 2 mistakes in equation building, and in the last section maybe 5 cuz I didn't fold my paper.
I didn't get the results yet, but I keep thinking I'm stupid.
I keep thinking I won't get in the school.
I keep thinking that I will be in a group with stupid people.
At my primary school,I am in the top group.
But now, I just think I will be with the stupid ones.
Apparently, they pass on our SATS results, reports, and previous progress.
So, If they see me get a 4A in maths for Autumn 2012 and I make mistakes in entry exam (I never can concentrate with these. I'm too nervous) I can't be in the bottom set.
Unless they are drunk.
They say our sets are based on the entry exams. But I guess they will look at our SATS results etc.
I will cry in my maths lesson tomorrow and talk about it with my math teacher. My class teacher which is also my english teacher won't give a poop :P
English first lesson tomorrow, so I better hold in my crying.
Someone help, please.

Rose Bouquets :)

Today's item is a returning Rose Bouquet. You can buy your own at Jam mart furniture for 200 gems!
To be honest I had one before they were rare, but Im glad every Jammer can now have that beautiful flower arrangement in their dens :) I love these tiny lights coming out of it, so I bought myself one.
Well, Jam on! Four more days until the actual Friendship day, and about 4 items to come out. I hope they bring back some of them, I missed last year's celebrations.

Saturday, 9 February 2013



Never Coming back

I am never coming back.
I might, but thats a tiny chance.
Its all candyflossie's fault, to be exact.
90% of Jamaa are rare obsessed. Really.
And that 90% is just gonna keep trading and fail their exams since they have no time for studying.
Some stupid fake pixels matter more.
So they just trade trade trade and when their exams fail, they gonna be tramps.
And I will laugh.
No sympathy from me.
-CleverQueen >:(

Friday, 8 February 2013

I Quit

This is the end.
 I quit this game.
Yes,you read that right.
I quit.
Animal Jam is pointless and boring for me now.
I mean, it did not give me anything,playing this game.
Reasons  I quit:
  •  AJ is more babyish now. Like 6 year old mode.  They forget most of us here are about 10 plus. I mean,look. The game is kinda crap now.
  • Boring. I know...
  • Idiots everywhere. When I try to trade someone,they decline,expecting me tp trade all I have. Im trying to trade for fun and al  they want is more rares! 1hour is an example,or whoever messaged me all that crap.
  • My life.  
Animal Jam is crap now. In my opinion. I quit!
besides,anyone wanna offer for fish fountain :P
And dont ask me  for my rares

Only a rare hungry idiot l do that.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I am not a random hacker who posed as CleverQueen!

Hi Jammers!
If you look down, you will see this post is by someone called CleverQueenAJ,with a picture and one blog.
No, I did not change my name.
No, I did not add a picture.
No, I did not delete all blogs.
NO, I did NOT hack into this blog and posted,posing as CleverQueen.
I AM CleverQueen. How will I pose as myself? Awkward...
I made an account yesterday because I wanted to start again.
I did not want to stop this blog, so this is what I did :)
I logged on,for one last time, (possibly!) on my old blogger account.
I invited my new account, which in this case is this account, and made myself an admin.
It's like I switched accounts.
Hope you don't mind, I also have a  channel on YouTube.
He he, see you!
I might not post today's item due to the fact I am STILL sick.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Heart Earmuffs :D

Hi Jammers!
Today's new item is NEW and so cute!
Heart earmuffs.
These are a great tool to keep you warm during the Friendship festival.
Have a nice friendship festival!
This is not it for today....

Monday, 4 February 2013

Animal Jam firefly BETA blog March 2013

Hi Jammers!
This is the Animal Jam firefly BETA blog for March 2013.
It is not very complete,just a simple idea ^.^

Happy Jammin'!!!

Beta Blogs

Hi Jammers!
I was thinking of something called Beta Blogs.
These are just additional blogs I make to test out the look of the site for different months,then when the month comes, I apply it.
I might share them so you see if you like it,but if you want it as a surprise,don't look at them!
They are quite simple.
That's why they are beta blogs.
Test blogs :P

Spread this around?

Hi Jammers!
I think it's time to spread this blog.
I would like to get comments : what to keep,what to change.
Pointless page, I just post teachings on here.
The first few funny pictures are meant for young children, I will post pictures
suitable for older kids. Us.
I post my URL at the end of most comments I post for other blogs.
If you can, comment on here.
If you don't have a blogger account or anything, just comment as Anonymous.
If you want, put your name at the bottom.
Thanks! :D

The past can't be changed

Hey Jammers -3-
We cannot change the past.
We can change the present, and if we want to, we can change the future.
Don't know what I mean??
You will.
Let's take a former Scammer. She has scammed in the past... scammed a headdress,few monday rares,a spike.
She cannot change that.
She scammed,she scammed.
Now, she regrets it. In the future, she wants to be a helpful Jammer.
She wants to change the future and the present.
She can change the future by helping Jammers out from as early as today, and in the future,
she will be helpful. Not a scammer.
We can change the future. We cannot see the future, but if you are...let's say an evil hater on a innocent jammer, you can change the future from more hate to a kind person who helps everyone and if he doesn't like someone, he stays away.
That's all.
See you around!

Thank you:Lexie1234

Hi Jammers!
This post focuses on lexie1234.
I met her during the summer holidays 2012 at a wolves only party.
I wasn't rare back then :)
I told her 'They should sell fruit bowls here''
And she said something like ''Yeah''
I added her later after a bit of talking.
She is an amazing buddy. She joined after beta and I am always happy when she is online.
(I hope she is happy when I am online!)
She has many old items that were sold ages ago (I suppose she got most when she became a member)
She told me lots about beta, and she is always kind.
She has a unique style and we are both about the same age.
As you know, she traded me for my spike. I was happy that I made her happy.
She's a great buddy.
Thats why Im drawing her for the best buddy contest.
She also views my blog, and I saw she replied to my comment on snowyclaw's blog, saying she loves my blog. Yay :D
Thank you Lexie1234!

Rare item Monday...yet again.

Hi Jammers!
Rare item Monday is really getting on my nerves now...
They say a super rare item will be available in a shop...
They should sell furniture too, and they don't bring stuff back anymore.
I mean, it's not a catastrophe if you bring back, let's say... bongo drums!
No one will quit!
Or maybe if they bring back... pigtails.
They can continue with the CRAZY color combos, (that don't match many outfits) but bring SOME items back!
So far, they brought back fox hats, non member cat hats, medusa masks and viking hats. Ages ago.
I'm not complaining, it's just sort of annoying.
On the other hand,  this week's item is a rare knight helmet.
Woooow...simply amazing...
Not really XD

I was expecting a lighter shade of pink or something.
Now, look at these amazing new posts on the daily explorer:

Credit to Snowyclaw for:the 2 above news crew article pictures, and rare knight helmet picture.
And...a new post!!!
Oh. It doesn't let me take pictures.
My sister somehow ''accidentally'' changed the way we take screenshots.
This is what the new article says, snowy hasn't got it on her blog yet.
Credit to AJ for the article:

Safety Week — Item Safety

Here are some “insider tips” we have come up with to help you keep your special Animal Jam items safe. Once you read these, you too will be an expert!
• ONLY trade an item if you are SURE you want to get rid of it. You can always say no to a trade! It’s OK! If you have an item you love and would never give away, don’t put it on your trading list.
• NEVER use the gifting system to trade. Just because someone says they’ll gift something back, doesn’t mean they always will! Using the trading system to trade is the only way to make sure you’ll get an item in return.
• Be aware of someone who is promising you a code in exchange for an item. This is unsafe and could mean you are being scammed. If someone gets your item this way, AJHQ may not be able to get it back for you. Most of the safe Animal Jam codes you are being promised can be found on National Geographic Kids website, by reading the Jamaa Journal, or by visiting the Animal Jam blog, The Daily Explorer.
• If someone tries to scare you into giving away your items, report them and walk away! Those are YOUR items and nobody should make you feel bad about keeping them. If they won’t stop bugging you, block them. This way, you won’t be able to see anything they say and you can enjoy the rest of your time in Jamaa. For more information on reporting and blocking a player, click here.
And remember, Jammers: tomorrow is SAFER INTERNET DAY! Use all the tips and tricks you’ve learned here to help make the internet a safer place!

Animal Jam is not all.

Hi Jammers!
I like Animal Jam and come online on a daily basis, but playing all day,every's just...
I dont know.
Alright,I was obsessed from July/August 2012- Early November 2012, but...
I got out of it. Luckily.
In Summer, I was playing Badminton and stuff with my neighbors. I made so many friends.
But later on, I just got obsessed with Animal Jam.
I stopped doing the fun stuff,I stopped studying...
It affected my health. I stayed up late until about 3/4am on the computer...
I stopped studying, and got into arguments with my parents shortly after school started.
It didn't really affect my grades. The tests me and my whole school took for Autumn the week after my worn blanket got scammed, (I got it back,but it doesn't really matter. When I  got  my first one, I acted like the best person on Animal Jam just because I had a worn blanket) I got high levels (In the UK,we are given levels. Don't know about other countries. Even Poland) I got 5 in Science and English which is the highest level for us,11 year olds and I got 4A (nearly level 5, I was a few marks off) for maths. Now, my SATS are coming up in late May.
But, I became an insomniac (I always was) and I was drowsy,bad tempered and tired.
I ate dinner quickly to get back on the computer.
I went to sleep at about 3/4am  in the morning (as mentioned) and woke up at 4pm.
Here are ways people get addicted to Animal Jam:

  1. Rares. People have rares and want more. Trade,trade,trade all day.
  2. Friends. Its Great to have friends, but don't talk to them ALL day.
  3. Exploring. New players want to explore. Some,just some,explore for a few hours daily... no, I dont mean 1 or even 2. I mean 3,4 and higher.
  4. Education. I am knowledge hungry. It's great to learn new things on Animal Jam, but dont let it come between you and your life.
Here are some tips to stop this addiction:

  • Give yourself a limit of Animal Jam play. If you stick to this limit, get yourself a little treat. You could start with an hour daily and gradually extend it, but that doesn't mean you have to play constantly, break your time up!
  • Think of the other things you could be doing. If it's winter and there is snow, go play outside while the snow is still there! If you have an exam coming up, study! If it's summer, go outside while it's warm! You get my idea.
  • Animal Jam is one website, amongst millions of others, on the internet. It's not your WHOLE LIFE! It is part of your life, obviously,but not all of it.
  • Learn something new! You can learn something new in real life, instead of playing animal jam.
This does not mean I don't like Animal Jam, I like it and it's lot of fun. I'm just talking about addiction here.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Animal Jam changed...part one

In this post I  will feature a message from the  Animal Jam blog  during late beta.
With Animal Jam now in full swing, the world of Jamaa is now and always will be improving and growing. Shamans and explorers are always searching for new lands in Jamaa, and each land they discover will always be a unique adventure! Minigames, den items, accessories, quests, den designs, and achievements are constantly being added to Animal Jam, as well as National Geographic facts, videos, and content. All this ensures children always have a world of fun—and learning—right at their fingertips! Who knows what adventures await in the land of Jamaa? Come play National Geographic Animal Jam and find out!

Quests? We never got any!
Jamaa really changed....
Thats part one...bye Jammers....

P.S I wish pigtails could come out  They are so awesome. They came out in early 2011 and left the stores in Summer I guess. Why are most the rare items the pretty ones? 

Well,we must be happy with what we have.

And I am!


I posted this comment on Animal Jam insiders, Beta times page.
People were arguing about members get to do more,that beta should come back and stuff. Some people were not thinking about the facts of life.
So, I posted this pretty wise comment.
During the time my worn blanket was missing, I started giving away most my rares. I was kinda rare obsessed back then. I will miss my rocking horse,orange gecko,beta table,bongo drums and about two other den rar es...but I still have loads left.
When your membership ends, trade some your member stuff for non member stuff.
Unless your getting a membership a month or less later again.
It's that simple.
And when you want your stuff back...
Just trade back with different people!
I don't care about rarity. 
I care about the looks.
So let's imagine there are only two items on AJ, both den items.
Rare item is a Poop Pool.
Store item is a rainbow.
Which do you prefer?
Me, Rainbow. :P
I know this is kind of off topic for this post, but actually, non member are equal to members.
Animal Jam needs money. Everyone does,these days.
To survive,for food,hygiene,entertainment. That's why there is business.
And of course,to keep animal jam going. An Online place where kids learn about nature,have fun and hang out.
Membership and AJ outfitters are ways to get money for Animal Jam.
Look on Animal Jam point of view. They need money. We all do,don't we? Don't say it's unfair. We have access to a computer,we have a home,family,caring friends. Many people around the world sleep on streets and suffer from starvation. We are lucky. 
I may just be a 11 year old girl , but I hope you understand why there is membership. BETA was a TESTING period. It cannot come back, but some features can. The tiny imaginative aspects. Every game has features you must pay for. 
I hope you get me.
If you have time, check out my blog...

So,you see,it has some sensible stuff in it. 
Some people were complaining. Its a pixelated game on a computer! At least you are not starving or something! 

Jamaa Journal Volume 79

Hi Jammers!
Im on a computer now, sorry that I posted this late.
It's Jamaa Journal volume 79!
Tigers,printable valentines,new animal, best buddy contest... IF they dont stop with these pets im going to cancel my membership =.=
Let's go on to page 1....
Gem code? Easy to figure out! 
It's Bemybuddy. It gives you 500 gems.
Next page please.
There, I solved the puzzle. It's a Raccoon. Looks kind of wrinkly... But yeah....
Here's a real life Raccoon.
Oh yes, I forgot. 
You can now receive a plaque (easy to get) if you know how to stay safe online :)
Sky high arcade machine can now be purchased by EVERYONE!
Yay! :D :D :D :D
Nothing but the friendship festival. My favourite celebration! I cant get to those friendship parties, 1 every six hours or so =_=
Cosmo is still sorting through the hat contest entries. Im entering the contest... and I will draw me and Lexie1234 :D
(Shes the one that traded me for my spike)
That's Jamaa Journal, but there are two items with this update.
Heart cape, found in Shiverr Shoppe and Pink chest, In mystery emporium.
Interesting update.
See you later Jammers!