Sunday, 3 February 2013

Jamaa Journal Volume 79

Hi Jammers!
Im on a computer now, sorry that I posted this late.
It's Jamaa Journal volume 79!
Tigers,printable valentines,new animal, best buddy contest... IF they dont stop with these pets im going to cancel my membership =.=
Let's go on to page 1....
Gem code? Easy to figure out! 
It's Bemybuddy. It gives you 500 gems.
Next page please.
There, I solved the puzzle. It's a Raccoon. Looks kind of wrinkly... But yeah....
Here's a real life Raccoon.
Oh yes, I forgot. 
You can now receive a plaque (easy to get) if you know how to stay safe online :)
Sky high arcade machine can now be purchased by EVERYONE!
Yay! :D :D :D :D
Nothing but the friendship festival. My favourite celebration! I cant get to those friendship parties, 1 every six hours or so =_=
Cosmo is still sorting through the hat contest entries. Im entering the contest... and I will draw me and Lexie1234 :D
(Shes the one that traded me for my spike)
That's Jamaa Journal, but there are two items with this update.
Heart cape, found in Shiverr Shoppe and Pink chest, In mystery emporium.
Interesting update.
See you later Jammers!

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