Sunday, 3 February 2013

Animal Jam changed...part one

In this post I  will feature a message from the  Animal Jam blog  during late beta.
With Animal Jam now in full swing, the world of Jamaa is now and always will be improving and growing. Shamans and explorers are always searching for new lands in Jamaa, and each land they discover will always be a unique adventure! Minigames, den items, accessories, quests, den designs, and achievements are constantly being added to Animal Jam, as well as National Geographic facts, videos, and content. All this ensures children always have a world of fun—and learning—right at their fingertips! Who knows what adventures await in the land of Jamaa? Come play National Geographic Animal Jam and find out!

Quests? We never got any!
Jamaa really changed....
Thats part one...bye Jammers....

P.S I wish pigtails could come out  They are so awesome. They came out in early 2011 and left the stores in Summer I guess. Why are most the rare items the pretty ones? 

Well,we must be happy with what we have.

And I am!


  1. ^^ in the jamaa journal they are saying: it's almost time for an adventure! <-- what could this mean!? and also, the new tail armor glitch! +20 ranged attack, +20 feirce WHAT THE HECK?!?! I think AJ is going to war against the phantoms! also, I think Jamaa is getting a new world! I am so excited! The war against phatoms thing is what I thought and IDK if its true or not but we will find out!
    thx 4 reading
    ~silentflight (on AJ)

  2. I agree with you firefly I do wish pigtails could come out... I want them so bad I would trade my nr worn, my shark fins, and archway for them ;-;... im kitticat44