Friday, 8 February 2013

I Quit

This is the end.
 I quit this game.
Yes,you read that right.
I quit.
Animal Jam is pointless and boring for me now.
I mean, it did not give me anything,playing this game.
Reasons  I quit:
  •  AJ is more babyish now. Like 6 year old mode.  They forget most of us here are about 10 plus. I mean,look. The game is kinda crap now.
  • Boring. I know...
  • Idiots everywhere. When I try to trade someone,they decline,expecting me tp trade all I have. Im trying to trade for fun and al  they want is more rares! 1hour is an example,or whoever messaged me all that crap.
  • My life.  
Animal Jam is crap now. In my opinion. I quit!
besides,anyone wanna offer for fish fountain :P
And dont ask me  for my rares

Only a rare hungry idiot l do that.

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