Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I am not a random hacker who posed as CleverQueen!

Hi Jammers!
If you look down, you will see this post is by someone called CleverQueenAJ,with a picture and one blog.
No, I did not change my name.
No, I did not add a picture.
No, I did not delete all blogs.
NO, I did NOT hack into this blog and posted,posing as CleverQueen.
I AM CleverQueen. How will I pose as myself? Awkward...
I made an account yesterday because I wanted to start again.
I did not want to stop this blog, so this is what I did :)
I logged on,for one last time, (possibly!) on my old blogger account.
I invited my new account, which in this case is this account, and made myself an admin.
It's like I switched accounts.
Hope you don't mind, I also have a  channel on YouTube.
He he, see you!
I might not post today's item due to the fact I am STILL sick.

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