Sunday, 24 February 2013

Items I missed

Hi again!
  First off,   there is a new trading request at trading central. Ugh my kindle fire
deletes every word I type!
Here are  items I missed   for the past few days.
This is today's item. Welcome to Jamaa human TV! Ok, I like modern stuff :D 
Well, most of it. I will buy it to see if there are any channels :D How will this work if it is underwater? But, referring to the price, it might have some channels.
 Another item! I think this would be better off on land, meh. I love summer! :*D 
Oh, good memories.

Paradise party :) Looks like a blue mat, way better than the mats you can buy.

Meep! Cool item :3 
All pictures credit to Snowyclaw, Im on my KF!
Look out for posts!

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