Sunday, 10 February 2013

I have a life

Hi again.
I have a life. Believe it or not. I am not an Animal Jam freak. I live. I have a heart,skin and eyes. I have a brain.
To prove it, here is more about me:
I enjoy writing: Plays, poems and stories. I written many good stories and got good feedback. I am writing a play called Some things are not worth discovering.
I enjoy reading: At the moment I am reading Anne of Green Gables (in Polish) I really love reading.
I enjoy Art: I am great at art, and I enjoy it.
I enjoy much more.
Now more about me:
I am dark and I can't be happy. I am usually sad, there's a bad side to everything. I am always worried and crying is easy. I am mysterious and also sarcastic, but can laugh and be happy sometimes.
Well, bye.
-Sigh- Life should get better...

1 comment:

  1. well, I never doubted you had a life ^^ and a wonderful person like you deserves things to get better for them! so keep your head held high and soldier through
    ~silentflight (on AJ)