Friday, 15 February 2013

Paradise, paradise,paradise!

Hi y'all!
Paradise! We're in Paradise!
This update is kind of ... awkward.
Snowyclaw,I took your pictures for this post. Sorry!
First, let's go on to the new items of the day.

Looks like heart glasses have made a return, yay or nay?

These too! These are both the clothing items I have been waiting most for. What about you?

Birds of Paradise are beautiful. I am happy they came to Jamaa! Welcome, birdies of le Paradize!

 Sort of hard to find. You will notice Paradise parties and friendship parties are next to each other and are both really common. Visit them both before the friendship party goes and the paradise party is less common!

We were correct. Indeed, the pet tigers are the monthly member gift for february... (sigh)

Yep, just about to get Pink Treasure! Did you watch the NG video? I did, it's great! NG is 25 years older than my school.

Wow! So exciting! I hope it's a cool,funky looking hat. I will check out the winners! ^o^
That's not it yet....
 Calendar..... And double gems. Isn't that banner new?
Well, that's it! Bye!

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