Saturday, 2 February 2013

Monthly design

Because im so impatient, I will reveal the design of this blog for each month  of the year.
January=Snowy and wintery design. Firework design on the first. Hey! Its new year!
February=  Pink,roses,red,hearts everywhere!!!! 
March= Greenery and clovers. DUDE ITS SPRING!!! HELL YEAH MAN!
April= Extreme cuteness. Fluffy chicks, grass, eggs and some pink. Falling flowers!! Or something else if i can find it.
May= Greenery, its warm now !!! Yay yay yay. Flowers, and green. Including PINK...
June= I made this up.... MONTH OF THE RAINBOW!! Rainbows everywhere :D
July= Fireworks, American indepence. Im not American though. Im Polish.
August= Summer! Everywhere bright and yellow!!!
September= School has yet again returned. Worst month of our lives. I suppose you dont wanna see the blog for a whole month. Woot. Starting secondary school in 2013... this year.
October= Month of my birth!! Special fireworks on the 3rd, Im gonna turn 12...
everywhere else, SCARY DARK STUFF!!! Way to go ... :-:
November= Autumny everywhere!!! Autumn autumn everywhere!!!
December= Christmas!!! Candy and winter.... plus fireworks on he 31st to Mark last day of the year AND my BFFs birthday :D
If you have any birthdays, tell me when. I can put fireworks on the blog that day and send the birthday person a giftie!!!
Thats it for now... bye!!!

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