Monday, 4 February 2013

The past can't be changed

Hey Jammers -3-
We cannot change the past.
We can change the present, and if we want to, we can change the future.
Don't know what I mean??
You will.
Let's take a former Scammer. She has scammed in the past... scammed a headdress,few monday rares,a spike.
She cannot change that.
She scammed,she scammed.
Now, she regrets it. In the future, she wants to be a helpful Jammer.
She wants to change the future and the present.
She can change the future by helping Jammers out from as early as today, and in the future,
she will be helpful. Not a scammer.
We can change the future. We cannot see the future, but if you are...let's say an evil hater on a innocent jammer, you can change the future from more hate to a kind person who helps everyone and if he doesn't like someone, he stays away.
That's all.
See you around!

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