Sunday, 10 February 2013

Can someone help me :(

Well, I really need help.
This is not to do with Animal Jam.
So, back in October I did a secondary school exam.
It was one of the Animal Jam obsession months for me.
I remember I probably made 1 or 2 mistakes in equation building, and in the last section maybe 5 cuz I didn't fold my paper.
I didn't get the results yet, but I keep thinking I'm stupid.
I keep thinking I won't get in the school.
I keep thinking that I will be in a group with stupid people.
At my primary school,I am in the top group.
But now, I just think I will be with the stupid ones.
Apparently, they pass on our SATS results, reports, and previous progress.
So, If they see me get a 4A in maths for Autumn 2012 and I make mistakes in entry exam (I never can concentrate with these. I'm too nervous) I can't be in the bottom set.
Unless they are drunk.
They say our sets are based on the entry exams. But I guess they will look at our SATS results etc.
I will cry in my maths lesson tomorrow and talk about it with my math teacher. My class teacher which is also my english teacher won't give a poop :P
English first lesson tomorrow, so I better hold in my crying.
Someone help, please.

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  1. I used to think I was stupid, too. Now, think about it this way. If there was say.... 100-200 questions on this test, and you missed three or five, you would be doing pretty good. 20-30 questions, you're still pretty good. Now, if there is say 5 or 10 questions on this test, you're doomed.