Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hatapalooza: Rare hat day #2

Hi Jammers!
I have missed out the 18th and 19th  posts, sorry >.< There are days im busy, and no one views this blog- yes? So...what's the point? I always get that feeling, I need to spread my blog around a bit more. Today is the 2nd rare hat day, and the rare is a pink and purple jester hat from February 2012. Booyah! One of my predictions was indeed correct. If you want this hat, buy it from the Mt.Shiveer hat shop, before today ends! 

Credit to Snowyclaw.
And, the elephant shoji screens are back, meaning you can be yet more creative... YAY!!!
I remember when they were still on clearance!!

On the other hand, I need to get to work with my pages... see you!
-CleverQueen (no signature, soz)

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