Monday, 21 January 2013

Rare fancy top hat

Hi Jammers!!!
Today is no day other than Monday, and guess' s rare is a beautifully coloured fancy top hat!
I want one a lot, but didn't have time to get one, I was fulfilling a few requests. If you can, could you send me one please? I will send/trade a gift in return .Also, there is a new post on the daily explorer.
Exciting, right? Also, Jammers come to me for advice. My beat friends both asked me at some point if they can get hacked. Answers:
Not really, here are some tips that can prevent you from being hacked.
  1. Never ever give away your password! Not to your family, siblings, closest friends.This is your account and no one has the right to go on it!  Anyone with your password can do anything to your account, and maybe even give it away!
  2. Lock your account when you are offline. No one knows your parent dashboard email, let alone password. To lock your account,go to parent dashboard, log in and click lock account. To get to your parent dashboard, click parents at the top if the Animal Jam screen.
  3. Have a difficult password. Numbers, letters, symbols. Change your password using the parents dashboard.
New scammer stories (3)
First one was sort if bad. Sorry

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