Thursday, 17 January 2013

Jamaa Journal: Volume 78

Hey Jammers!
Today is update day... and the most exciting update I ever seen in my whole AJ life!!!
..long story.
Did you just see that? When I first saw that I was thinking Tops!!! This issue sounds exciting...
Wait... did you just see that? o.o RARE HATS? WOAAAAAAHHHHH

Not a very exciting page, but the winners are really creative... well done!
I like this one :)  I want to get all  these gemstones, what about you? Expensive, but we have time to do it... and lots of it!
I'm so entering this :D You??? Entering??? Yes you are... I'll make sure of that.
I was wondering... is there a rare hat EACH day? I don't think so, but time will hold the answers... Now, along with the update, are new things to do.  Pictures credit to SNOWYCLAW, once again!!!

As it says, there are hat shops around Jamaa. Here!
This one is in Mt. Shiveer I don't really like it >.<
What the voodoo Justin bieber is this??????? Ugh I hate Justin bieber lol ... anyway, why is a POLICE MAN HAT THERE?
Next stop, Sarepia forest. I like this one more :P
Yay for Leprechaun hats! Aaw shame I already had one... WHO CARES!!!!
 Now, best hat shop is in... Canyons pathway!!!!
Why is this hat shop best? Take a look at the first item...
Wait, WHAT??? Top hats? Weird tonight I had a dream about owning a top hat... weird?
And... I'm thinking what items will come out on these rare days? Ideas...
Most likely to come out
  • Rare phantoms  hat (Leap year 2012)
  • Rare top hat... same origin as before.
  • All leap year hats
  •  A few rare item Monday hats
Items I think should come out
  • Mech Angel helmet
  •  Fox hats-!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Headdress
  •  Head feather
I think Fox hats will, another item with a rare badge.. LOL
So, enjoying this update? It's just not over...
Look at that.... :D Always wanted this.
And nearly finally, look twister ! Way to get gems for these hats and gemstone thingies... 
My kindle is overheating butttttt.....

Just thought I would share this video by hellokitty... What numbers are there??? 
Woah, look out for THESE people.  So... bah bayh...

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