Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Phantom In ice :D

Heya Jammers! Today's new item is yet another returning winter rare... come on guess! If you haven't read the title you should know... it's a... PHANTOM IN ICE!!! Meanwhile I have added a few pages to the blog: Questions&Answers and Epic Art. You can find them on the top of the blog. Now, explaining yesterday's absence... Busy day yesterday... had a pretty late night, then there was school which was boring XP, then... guess what... I had dance class and then there was no time but that dance class was boring so I quit... Anyway... I had a day off school today, had an early night, had some EPIC dreams... one about being a teen titan but it was Starfire not my idol, Raven. Anyway in that dream I couldn't zap my starbolts >.< And I forgot about flying but anyway I'm getting SO off-topic... Anyway...then I went to hospital then I went back home, planned my news crew article, wrote it, posted it, then I submitted a howl, entered that Liza contest thing, then drew a picture I put on Epic Art and submitted to the art gallery and THEN I finally had time to post... well please note my blog is different to snowyclaw's... mine is not a blog you wake up and view, but I'm in england so In america you should see my posts appear at at least about 10am each It's a blog you read after school, not before school. Anyway...heres todays item!! Usually im too lazy to make a screenshot because my laptop is so slow but at least I managed it this time... meanwhile... update!! Changed background and blog font... If anyone reads this blog! And made my signature smaller... Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at!

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