Sunday, 4 November 2012

Welcome to the Animal Jam Firefly!

Hey Guys! Welcome to the Animal Jam Firefly. It was supposed to be called The Animal Jam Spark,but the blog address was not available. The initials of this blog are AJF.I hope to find a pleasure posting and, the main focus of this blog is for Jammers to know what's going on in Jamaa! Also, I would like you guys to enjoy reading this blog as much as I like writing it! Have fun Jammers,I will soon post today's post so you get a feeling of my posts,and I will add a design and pages and so on. Happy Jamming!!!
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  1. Hi Cleverqueen! I made a blogger account!

  2. hey can u have a look at my blog plz?

  3. Hi clever queen its hiimshane ur friend :D