Monday, 15 July 2013

Rare Baseball Cap

Hello my fellow Pickles!
Sorry for the delay, when I was getting back from Chessington, the train station decided to close down >…<
Woah... here are some of the rides I went on..

Wasnt recorded by me xD
I was with my best friend, a boy, on all rides. Dont judge!
Woo, such a hot summer. How is yours going?
Anything you did?
Anyway, today's item is a vibrantly coloured baseball cap... for a mere 950 gems :(
Credit to Animal Jam Platinum. YES, brought to you by infinitymagichero, it has interesting topics too.
Now, prefinally (Not a word, but I hope you can work out what it means.)
Here is my entry for the Jam a gram contest, I think it deserved to win xD
I mean, it doesnt feature fricking tigers drowning in an ocean, mine is realistic....
Damn you AJHQ, imma enter moi masterpiece on a good contest.
I love you all, bye!
I dont give a crap if you are unsatisifed with this post, its written on my tablet so shut up. 

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