Sunday, 14 July 2013

SATs Results+ does anyone even view this blog?+Random stuff+New item

Hey guys!
Sorry for not posting for a while... I'm exhausted and I've been to the beach for the past two weeks :D
Here's a list of upcoming delays, sorry!
Monday -> Going to Chessington! Yay! Will be back at 6pm, so.... I will be posting at about 8, but I normally go to sleep at 9 so there is a possibility of me not posting. Here's an example of the tortures I will go through xD

There is more xD 
Thursday -> Going to Littlehampton with my school, a little celebration to finalize our centenary year. Will also be back at around 6-ish
So on Monday and Thursday I will post at about 1pm AJHQ time, sorry! 
my holidays commence on...
24 JULY! 
It will also be my last day at Primary school :(
Anyway, from the 25th of July, up to the 2nd of September, I will be posting at
1am= AJHQ releases new item.
It will be 8am for me, so I can wake up EARLY, post, and go back to sleep only if I'm exhausted. 
So you can just wake up and rely on my blog ;)
Last day of School:
24 July
First day of School:
3rd of September
This is...
40 days of EARLY posting for me!
However, when school starts, I cannot post that early because AJHQ wouldn't have released the new item yet, and I have to be at my Secondary School at like 7.45am+. However, I will be able to post at around 7.45am AJHQ time or 8-9am... I will make a poll! ;)
What did you guys come here for?
Oh yeah... my SATs results! Here they are, in the form of proof:

All that stress... it was all unnecessary :) 
Key to le grades
W= Working towards level 1
1 or 2= Way below average. Level 1 or 2 are the average for a 5-6 year old.
3=Below average. Average for an 8-9 year old.
5 or 6=Above average. Sadly, my school didn't get entered for level 6.
Level W-3  
Level 4
Level 5/6 
I'm getting a MacBook Air as a prize sometime this month :)
I'm so happy! Now I can enjoy my summer :)
Lastly, well, almost lastly, does anyone view this blog? Well, I'm super glad for ALMOST 15,000 VIEWS! But, sadly, I can't do a give away :(
Anyone still remember this?
That was in June or something :)
By the way, If anyone wants a little avatar picture, email me!
Tell me what style
Here's le new item
Too lazy top take picture,


  1. -thumbs up- on your SATs!

    I don't really know much about them (I did the ACTs), but you're getting a laptop as a prize, so the scores must be good! :D

    1. There is a guide to grades below the pic
      W= Below average for a 5/6 year old
      Level 1-2 Average for a 5-7 year old
      Level 3 Average for an 8-9 year old
      Level 4 Average
      Level 5 Above average