Saturday, 9 March 2013

I wonder how they will reply... Part 1

I wonder how they reply is just me sending mail to AJHQ, publishing their replies and rating them.
Today... I send them.... THIS!

First of all, I hope you read this email, and please, if you have time, DO NOT REPLY WITH A PRE-MADE EMAIL since I read them all.
First of all, what happened to the spooky party and river race? Both went without anyone noticing. I'm not really in for the Spooky party idea, but, River race!? You removed an ACTUAL GAME!?
Next, I think these items should come out this's just 3, don't worry! Gee :)
1. Pigtails... I saw so many new colours in best dressed and me and my friend saw people with them in falling phantoms and I saw someone in Jamaa derby, and I suggested they might be AJHQ test accounts. No, I'm not waiting very long. I really demand pigtails.
2. Mech angel helmet. Same here, but in one of your Daily explorer posts about the friendship party, most of us noticed the Koala's helmet. Not waiting long for this either.
3. Yay... a returning rare. Again. I demand pirate swords! I will never get one again from sky high. I mean NEVER. So, I'm just going to be lazy... and buy it. When it comes out.I mean, gee, they are So popular and like everyone I see has one, and those who don't feel left out. I think everyone wants to feel the joy of wearing one. PLEASE!!!
I also suggest: Gazelle horns, porch swings, fountains.
I mean, in 2012 you brought back:
1. Viking helmets.
2. Gloves.
3. Flags
4. Leaf necklaces.
5.In 2013... (early) you actually brought back TOP HATS!
Did anyone quit? Unless they just care about rares, nah.
It won't hurt. Promise. I mean, look, you brought back all those rares and more, and isn't this game for the education, the fun, the friends?
I hope you bring back all suggestions VERY VERY VERY SOON.
Not too soon, hehe.
Please tell me what you think of each suggestion.
And, how in all of Jamaa do you get AJHQ plaques? WHERE DO YOU SEND THE FAN MAIL? DOES EVERY FAN MAIL GET SOMETHING? Well, I better get drawing.

Hmmm how will they reply?
I really suggest they bring these items back, just like in 2012. They don't have to bring back the last 3 (Gazelles, swings, fountains)
But the first three MUST COME OUT!
After that email, I sent them: THIS! MY SEXY COLLECTION! Link XD

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