Saturday, 9 March 2013

The disappearance of Zios

For thousands of years Zios has been creating beautiful stars and lush planets, giving each one the perfect finishing touches. But, after Zios created Mira and created Jamaa, something felt...wrong.
Zios was in a bad mood. It was a perfect June day and the Sunlight touched the delicate, green grass outside Zios' and Mira's palace. Zios stomped out and stopped to look at the beautiful land of Jamaa. There was one young bunny in a corner, terrified of all the adult, fierce wolves that were surrounding it, making fun of the poor bunny. Zios just stared. He was in a bad mood. Last night,  his attempt of creating a lush new land failed, and all his hopes had dropped. Instead of helping the poor bunny, Zios returned to the palace. The Shamans were out investigating why Zios failed in creating a new land, and Zios and Mira were in charge.
Mira was watching over Jamaa township. Zios stomped by, and Mira asked: 'Zios, what is wrong? You have created so many lush planets,stars and lands. Why are you in such a bad mood?'  'Can't you see, I failed in creating a new land! My creative talent may be dropping and you are acting like nothing happened!' Zios, out of anger, shot a golden lightning strike at Mira's heart. Zios groaned when he saw Mira's teal shield glistening around her. 'No... don't. Hey... why is that bunny being bullied?' asked Mira.
The bunny was surrounded by some new protective bunnies, but the wolves were winning, screaming insults and harming the bunnies. 'We need Zios to help us!' said one bunny. 'Yes we do, but where is he?' asked another. Zios glared at Mira. 'I am not helping anyone today. You do it, if you are so clever.' said Zios, and he disappeared in a copper cloud of dust. Mira was furious. She couldn't leave her watch. 'If only the shamans were here...' she thought.  Mira was confused. She tried summoning the Shamans, but she couldn't sense them. So, Mira left her watch and went to the place which was meant to be the new land, but... Zios was there, and he was firing lightning bolts and large fire balls at the Shamans. When Mira appeared, the Shamans gave her a sad look. 'What's going on?' she asked, sternly. 'They say the land wasn't created because my energy! My talent! My power! Is all going!' Zios replied. 'They are telling the truth, so why attack them?' said Mira. 'You dare insult me!' screamed Zios. 'I am not!' retorted Mira, and gave each Shaman a protective shield. Zios fired a lightning bolt at Mira, but this time he missed. 'Zios, I still love you. Please stop! You have created enough, there might be a cure! There is a way out from everything!'
'NO!' he replied, and generated his energy into a huge golden ball. As it expanded, he threw it to the ground. The Shaman's shields all faded away, and they were weak. 'You dare say that to your creator. Your king!' shouted Zios. The Shamans were hopeless, but then, Zios collapsed onto the ground. He cried out in pain, and he lay there. 'No way...' said Mira, tearful. As Mira vanished back into Jamaa township, she could sense Zios' power. He woke up... again. In Jamaa township, she heard some bunnies discussing a plan with other Animals, to kill Zios since he had no intention to help the poor bullied bunny. When Mira heard this, she was shocked, despite all he had done to her; he tried to kill her. Mira didn't know what to say, as a group of all Animals marched to the failed land. There, the shamans were all lying on the ground, but, around peck's neck, Mira could see a dazzling fuchsia necklace. Mira took it, and pressed it into the leader's paw. 'For luck' she said. Even though she loved Zios, she loved all the Animals. And, if Zios tried to harm any Animals, Mira would take action. The necklace gave the Animals power. 'You have harmed the Shamans!' they all screamed in Unison. 'Stay away! I am your king! I have freedom!' Zios said, and then he gasped. 'The necklace of Jamaa!' he screamed. All animals took out their weapons; bows and arrows with poisoned tips, swords sharper than razor blades, large tanks of acid. Then it began. Zios shot his remaining energy at the Animals, but they were stronger. Soon enough, the bunnies had shot arrows with poison all over his hands. Others were cutting him with their swords, and Mira was tearful. Finally, everyone shot arrows at Zios heart at once, and then he fell down to the ground. Shortly after, Mira vanished... but that's another story.

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