Friday, 1 March 2013

Lucky Party

I managed to attend two!
Here is the scoop o3o
When you enter, you will see a land of GREEN! There will be clovers, and the shop will be visible!
The shop is here. Click on it to pick up exclusive den items! New ones will come, be patient my dear.
Here is what is being sold right now. Oh, the joy! XD
If you go here, you can hang out, and collect a clover! For luck <3
Chill out room. I wish we had these horseshoes! Wallpapers! Banner for every festival! What if we could change the colour of our floor?
Chill with a cup of tea!
Music shop!
Remember this music from new year party?
So, that's all there is!
AJ was offline, and they made a change. See if you can spot it when you make a new account!

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