Sunday, 24 March 2013

Me in real life

Here is something about me in real life:

  1. I am blonde haired, white and green eyed.
  2. I am in England, but I come from Poland ^^
  3. I love every season!
  4. I'm popular at school
  5. I am dirty minded.
  6. I hang out with boys.
  7. I had many boyfriends, and one of my most recent just broke up with me.
  8.  ^ I enjoyed making him cry.
  9. I love playing sport, art, writing, drama , science and math.
  10. I am going to turn 12 soon.
  11. Apple pie is awesome! 
  12. I am semi-goth. (That mean's I'm half goth)
  13. I am a smart girl, I have to admit.
  14. I have insomnia, Algophobia, Aichmophobia, Hemophobia and much more 
  15. I am good at art.
My most recent art:
Poo, you can see my face, my room and.... what my sister did to my bed.My duvet has a cat on it :D

I'm not a Bratz fangirl, just made a random pic ^^


  1. beautiful artwork! i'm turning 12 soon too ^^

  2. 2 comment! im nine.


  3. Third Comment!
    I'm 11