Thursday, 6 June 2013


Hey Jammers.
I'm sorry but I'm quitting. I'm getting old for this game and I honestly have better things to do. Thank you to:-

  • Kinyonga  
  • Infinitymagicheroisback
  • WiktoriaCzaja
  • Lexie1234
Sorry guys :C

No, I'm saying goodbye because I'm going to France on Monday. Silentflight will be posting c:
Here's just all the letters I got from my school:

  • Booking letter- July 2 2012
Having already completed nine, very successful school journeys to France, I have already made a booking for June 2013 (Haha I remember in year 5 going like... WHA-? THAT'S AGES AWAY!
We will be travelling with a well established company, Wyvern Schooltours, to a centre in Ver-sur-Mer in Calvados, Normandy, the same as the last eight years. The dates for this trip are MONDAY 10TH JUNE TO FRIDAY 14TH JUNE, 2013
We will travel to France by coach and ferry and during our stay a variety of different visits will be planned to allow the children to experience rural French life at first hand. Visits will include a local market, a bakery, an oyster farm, the Bayeux tapestry, a biscuit factory (Hell yeah!) the second world war landing museum and a goat farm. The children will visit shops and cafes, where they will be able to try out their French!
The centre we will stay in is well equipped with single sex bedrooms, full catering facilities, play areas and classrooms. The level of security and safety standards for our children is very high and no child will be allowed to wander around on their own.
Then just boring crap about passports :P

  • I will take many photos and share them here :)


  1. Cool! :D
    I did actually believe you when you said you were quitting o.o I was like PHEW when I went down XD

  2. I did believe you XD I was like - WHAT THE HECK?!! NUUUUU
    Meep, lucky you :3 I wish we lived in northern France, southern is tooooo hot :p

  3. I was like o.o then I thought there was something wrong with my iPod cause it had that space, so I scrolled down and I was like :/

  4. I went on that trip this year :3