Monday, 24 June 2013

Science SATs results

Hey guys .-.
Today I got my SATs results, and I got 12/40 in Paper A and 19/40 in Paper B... -sigh-
Looks like I best quit AJ after all...

TROLOLOLO! I'm just kidding! I got 38/40 in both papers.
At first, we got results from like a super old practice paper, and I was like... OK, those don't matter... I got 36/40 -.-'
Then on the flipping desk I saw the 2009 papers which we did for our SATs, all I could do was head for the window XD
I picked them up and I was like...
OK bitch, STFU and don't scream XD
Yah, today's RIM looks like a friggin' mushroom.

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