Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rarity scan: Non member bows and New year's party hats

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Requested by Anonymous, here's another rarity scan!
New year's party hats
New year's party hats were monthly member gifts during January 2012 to celebrate the new year. They come in the following colours:

Credit to Animal Jam flash ^.^
Red is the 'default' colour, whilst pink is the least popular. Green, orange, yellow and purple are also not very popular which leaves the blue and white to be pretty popular ^.^
These should be in the diamond shop soon, which is why Jammers don't trade a lot for these. But because they have the rare plaque, when the party hats do come out, their rarity may rise significantly. There is probably around 50,000 of these (I think there's more :P)

I would say a fair trade is:

  • 2 rare giant lion plushies.
  • 4 rare non member bows and arrows.
  • 2 rocking horses.
  • A small table for 3 party hats.
Rare bows and arrows
Every Jammer got one in December 2011, so there should be over 2,500,000 of these.
Well I can't find a picture... sorry DX
They come in Pink, green, brown/orange, black,silver,purple and teal. There is also a special magenta colour. I had it once.
A fair trade would be 2 non member gloves.
Another fair trade wou


  1. Uh... Your saying you don't care about rares but ur doing rarity scans? Just a question

    1. I know >o< I'm doing them because people ask for it, and it's good advice I guess :P

  2. hey im mallfry to all of u out there and shut up and stop talking

  3. hey guys u should buddy me my name is mallfry on aj btw

  4. Please can you Send me one party hat because I got scammed so bad I have nothing left but the person left common things left.and it was he is AJ baddest scammer

  5. Could you send me a party hat? Any color! Except for pink. Please! I had one but I traded it for epic plushie. I over traded! Please send me one.


  6. Maaaaan, I really want a different color hat. Someone trade me? ~donohue123

  7. Please send me one a white one or orange my username is: creamcake021 and i am a member so jam a gram

  8. hay jammers pleas visit my blog and leas send me a pink party hat mine got scammed i'm malenock by the way1

  9. Can you send me a white one please? I used to have one but it got scammed D:
    Username is Bluewolv21

  10. People stop asking people to send you one! Why would anyone send you one if they can trade it for better items?

  11. I would appreciate a Party Hat of any color :D My username is awesom135. I know it's unlikely someone will send me one though.. Oh well- Might as well ask, right? :)

  12. Rare lion plushie, beta yellow sweets, rare fox hat, and my whole list (all good rares)jam a gram if deal im beyondwonders

  13. I have a pink party hat on trade if someone wants to trade a diff color, Jam-A-Gram me ~Crunch3578