Friday, 14 June 2013

Greetings from Normandy! Almost 200 photos from France.

Hey guys!
Finally arrived home... wish I was still in France DX
Here is a summary of my week:
Sunday night
Informed most my buddies where I'm going, went to sleep at 11pm... it was difficult!
Monday Morning
My parents woke me up at about half past 3, I was all like... NO I ONLY HAD 2 MINUTES OF SLEEP NOOOO MY BED DON'T LEAVE ME BEEEEED! Then I ate breakfast and so on...
I was then driving to school, and I was behind the coach XD It's  a Johnsons coach...

This is from the Internet XD
I was hugging people then I said... WHY DOES CONSTIPATION RHYME WITH MEDICATION?
Afterwards, I stepped on the coach AND IT WAS SO FUDGING COMFY! I sat next to my well... BF...
(Boy friend) I played on my Kindle Fire HD for a while... DSi for another while... it was fun XD Especially since my BF has a KFHD too :3
Then those fancy border- control people whatever didn't check out passports and so we got on the Eurotunnel... it's like well... you go on a huge train in your coach and there are small windows. The coach goes on for a bit then stops. It's almost like you're not moving but you are... then your pressure in yo' ears goes all high and then your hearing gets worse DX
Don't worry, it's temporary.
Lunch was at the beach... I found lots of shells :D
Not much to say XD
Dinner was... cool! XD It was Melon (EEW XD), Spaghetti and Chocolate Éclairs :D
We also saw our rooms... this girl kept on keeping us up talking but it was fun :3

My stupid camera refused to work >:(
But... in the morning you get breakfast... you get a bowl and it's Orange juice and cereal or hot chocolate (yes, you drink it in a bowl and you use a spoon).
Then... wait... what did we do... oh yeah! We visited the market! it was a long series of stores where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, food etc and there were live shrimps D':  I was like... NO DON'T KILL THEM! Then this random woman started laughing XD
I bought...

  • A purple beret for my mum
  • Eiffel tower model for my sister (It was 8 euros but I gave him that look and he lowered it for me XD)
  • Like 10 sweets for 2 euros 80 -.-' 
And they were tiny sweets! D:
Anyway, then we went to um...
The cafe! I ordered caramel ice cream and lemonade, mostly people got coke and choccy ice cream.... Um I'm too lazy to write all days I'll do it later so...
You know what? It's PHOTO TIME!

Just before we left England XD Ahh... the countryside...
Before Eurotunnel.
Yes, this is me... doing... something... well can't you see? XD
Proof I'm going to France XD This is before Eurotunnel.
Just before we left England, no idea what these are...
Aah, the countryside... see the horse? No? Don't worry...
Now look... it's the Yellow-white thing in the shape of a Horse.
Before Eurotunnel
Entering the Eurotunnel, some train things.
More trains?
Uh I don't know
Just entering the Train.

This is us exiting the Eurotunnel. 
In France!