Tuesday, 14 May 2013

100th post+ SATs

Hey! So SATs started... let me tell you about them x3

I went to sleep on Sunday night at like... 8:30pm? I woke up again like 1 1/2 hours later then went to sleep again...
On Monday morning I woke up early because I had to go to school early... and I started eating breakfast at home but then I realised I will get breakfast at school XD
I arrived at school at 7:52am. I signed in and went into the hall, then sat down at a table and waited to get served. At first, I got my drink- I chose Apple juice. Nommm!!! After that, I decided to have some bacon XD It was good but I didn't get much... :(

When I arrived in class, I groaned. All displays were covered up and desks filled the classroom. My face was like.... :S
We sat down and got split into our groups. Our headteacher came in and then the test was administered. A reading test. I was like... 'What's it about?' after we got the reading booklet, I read ''Wolf pack'' I'm sure some of you would liek to read it XD... It was about wolves ... DUH! There was a page about characters from the Jungle book, a jungle book extract, something about wolf expressions and something else. The tests wasn't that easy, only some questions were hard :3
After break we did long writing called trainer try-out, and I don't think I did well in that one... I mean, 2 PAGES ABOUT A PAIR OF SHOES? FTW

More bacon XD My friend said he was watching porn on his phone and then he took photos of peepz and did something to make them look fat XD I looked aweshum o3o I got more bacon too and I drank hot chocolate :D We did a SPAG test which stands for spelling, punctuation and grammar, and it was easy in my opinion o.o
The spelling test was simple too XD
We did short writing, a busy place, and I think I did great :3
Well, that's it for now... BAIZ! (\(oDo)

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