Saturday, 18 May 2013


Hey Jammers!
LEIS ARE BACK!!!! YAY!!! THE ULTIMATE PRETTY NECK ITEM!!! These were on clearance when I joined.
On a side note, I  completed my SATs. I am worried about my results o.o
I had a dream that I found them online XD
Scary thing? They are marked externally DX
Anyway, yesterday, I went, with my class, to Tooting Bec Common... too many commas? And 1 ellipsis XD
So, well, it was this huge open space, and this small wood. Everyone that didn't wanna play rounders, football, etc went to the wood. My ex and I found this small cosy place and I suggested if we could build a kinda small shelter, so he agreed. Then people started to crowd in and I, for a moment, built my own shelter. Then my other friend had his own shelter which was up a tree and then they started stealing out wood; we all had passwords, security, weapons etc XD Then there was battle XDD We were stealing wood, fighting with sticks etc... it was so much fun! After that, we went to get ice cream, cakes, cookies and so on... so I got myself a bubblegum ice cream with flake, even though it was no ice cream weather XD
Finally, my legs hurt so bad DX
And I made cookies yesterday :3
Anyway, see you! Now that SATs are over I can relax and DO WHAT I WANT BITCH!!! FRANCE SOON!!!! HECK YEAH!
I miss the class trip to science museum T^T On Monday :( Im going to dentist but I get to post early :D


  1. I'm sure your results wil be fine!
    W....wait?! Tooting Bec?! O.O I've ben there! Do you know Wandsworth Common?

  2. *Sorry, lots of typos >.<
    Meep! O.o Been there? :3