Sunday, 26 May 2013

I met this creepy pedo.... XDD
No really I was in the pillow room because all buddies were offline...
Then this fox came in saying 'Who is here to do it'
I was, of course, going like... 'YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW WRONG THAT SOUNDS XDD'
He went for a while,then Pedo came back XD
He said ... 'I am pedal bear'
I was like 'Eew prv'
Then he said stuff like....
'Do you have utoob'
I was freaked out when he said he would rape me and so I deleted the 2 videos I had with my face in >o<
Then he said he's 60 -.-'
So yeah... creepy guy XDD
I said I kicked his squishy balls :T
Now I'm just shaken I feel like I'll never go on AJ again... o.o