Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kelp Skirts XDD

Hey Jammers!
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Today's item is the Kelp Skirt XD
Also, I will be doing a give away soon... but because I'm not rare I will be giving away epic wonders items... what do you want the prizes to be? Comment!

Woo! I love this item!
Side topic- How to predict which items are coming back soon.
Step one- Look for today's new item. Is it a returning item?
Step two- If yes, did another item come back in the next... 3 days?
Step three- If yes, then YAY! Open up Animal Jam Spirit and click the items page on the right.
Step four- Congratulations! Now, you will see clearance items. Look for the returning items that just came back.
Using this, you will be able to predict which items from that period didn't come back and should come back in the next few days.

To be honest, the items that are coming back right now are from May 2012. They started coming back in November 2012... they stopped and now they continued o.o
Okay... now I want the Seaweed hair item... it's cute! OuO
Anyway guys, I feel AJHQ is reading this blog... if yes, THANKS! XD
I feel that by June 1, Seaweed hair, arctic hoods and coats might come back XD
Excluding the beta colour.
BYE! (\(OUO)

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